Success Stories

Since 1956, Global Impact has raised more than $1.8 billion to help the world’s most vulnerable people. Each day we work with our charity partners to fight poverty, heal the sick and support communities in need, meeting real needs with real results. Below, please find a sample of success stories from our charity partners.

PACT: Armed with knowledge, a ‘citizen leader’ makes a difference

Citizen leaders in Thma Koul district gather for a meeting.

It’s a sweltering afternoon in northwestern Cambodia, but the heat doesn’t seem to bother Ngek Lyna. She’s at the front of a small meeting room, energetically calling on citizens and jotting notes on a whiteboard.

“What else?” says Lyna, who is in her early 20s, slight and usually smiling.

She points to a man near the back. The ice factory nearby still isn’t draining its runoff properly, he says, and water is flowing everywhere.

“Ah, yes,” Lyna says, nodding.

HIAS: Interfaith Groups Welcome Afghan Refugee Family to Delaware

When two churches and a synagogue join forces to welcome a refugee family, good things happen.

Originally, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Hanover Presbyterian Church, and Congregation Beth Shalom of Wilmington, Delaware each intended to support newly arrived refugee families on their own. But, when the pace of arrivals slowed under the Trump Administration, Jewish Family Services of Delaware—HIAS’ local resettlement partner in the area—asked the three congregations if they would be willing to team up.


7 year old Dorcas receives the One Billionth NTD treatment

Throughout 2017 we counted down to our one billionth supported treatment for neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), and we’re excited to announce that we’ve finally reached our target.

The billionth treatment was an integrated antibiotic treatment for river blindness and lymphatic filariasis. It was distributed to a seven-year-old girl named Dorcas, who was at risk of NTDs in a community in Kaduna State, Nigeria as part of UNITED, one of our flagship programmes.

HIAS: HIAS Wins Asylum for Honduran Mother of Three

On January 24, 2018, Denia Sayda Contreras* was granted asylum by a New York immigration judge. Denia, a pregnant, 27-year-old, domestic violence survivor with two young children (also HIAS clients), had by this point experienced more hardship and pain than anyone ever should. Indeed, after withstanding years of poverty and physical abuse, Denia had fallen prey to members of Barrio 18, a notoriously violent gang in Honduras that began demanding a hefty “protection payment” of $50 USD from her every two weeks.

WATERAID: Barbers, bikes and beyond: tales of progress from Malawi

Joyce now sits on the waterpoint maintenance committee

Almost a year after the arrival of clean water, we returned to Vimphere, Malawi to see how life has changed.

In December 2016, we watched as the people of Vimphere celebrated the arrival of clean water. For years the locals had been forced to collect water from a dirty watering hole with a limited supply, so the installation of a borehole was greeted with much excitement.

Now that Vimphere has a reliable source of clean water, the time lost fetching water from unreliable and contaminated sources has now been given back to the community.

HIAS: HIAS Greece Wins Release of Three Detained Syrians on Lesvos

As part of its mission to offer holistic legal services to refugees and asylum seekers, HIAS Greece earned yet another legal victory on Monday, October 31, securing the release of three Syrian men who were detained upon their arrival in Lesvos.

PACT: For a mother and daughter in Tanzania, a better relationship

Getruda and Tumie at their home

At 12 years old, Tumie Shomary faces everyday pre-teen adversities—making good grades, asserting her independence, sharing her challenges. But growing up in Morogoro, a city in eastern Tanzania not far from the capital Dar es Salaam, Tumie is also confronted by challenges that increase her risk of contracting HIV.

Like being pressured to have sex. One day when her mother was at the market, a neighbor propositioned her, suggesting she come to his room. She refused. When her mother returned home, Tumie told her what happened.

AMERICARES: Access to Health for Syrian Refugees

Syrian Refugee Family Helped by Americares

The winter journey from Syria was rough for this family of four: By the time they reached Lebanon, the children were severely malnourished and ill. The anxious parents had no idea where to find health care in their new country. A volunteer medical team supported by Americares was providing free health services to Syrian refugees and gave the young family the care they needed.

CHILDREN INTERNATIONAL : Empowered by Children International in Honduras

Johanny, Former Program Participant, Success Story

“I know I am a result of my past, but that doesn’t mean I will always be a prisoner of that past.” — Johanny Amaya

Suicide was often on her mind as a 7-year-old. For Johanny, the dark shadow of depression, hunger and fear loomed over her childhood in Honduras.

“Going to school, I felt so different from my classmates,” she says. When she was called up to the chalkboard during lessons, she adds, “I’d just start crying in front of everyone. I thought I was not worthy.”