Success Stories

Since 1956, Global Impact has raised more than $1.8 billion to help the world’s most vulnerable people. Each day we work with our charity partners to fight poverty, heal the sick and support communities in need, meeting real needs with real results. Below, please find a sample of success stories from our charity partners.


ARAHA life Saver Campaign is a peer-to-peer crowd funding campaign on our website designed to help our supporters to launch their own fund raising campaigns to support ARAHA’s projects in the Horn of Africa region. The following is an interview with one of our donors highlighting the importance of this campaign and why she joined.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Leila and I’m from Northern California, married with two kids. I am a registered nurse.

What is your role with EMC?

AMERICAN NEAR EAST REFUGEE AID: Gaza Children Learn Through All Five Senses

The kids take a break on the new playground.

As sun streams in through the window, bouncing off the colorful walls of a brand new classroom, a group of children clap joyfully along to nursery rhymes. This is the scene upon entering Al Rahma Preschool in Jabalia, a town just north of Gaza City.

AMERICAN NEAR EAST REFUGEE AID: Paralyzed Syrian Refugee Pursues Education

Adnan el Farmali

Adnan el Farmali is 18 years old and lives in Akkar, North Lebanon with his parents and six siblings. But it’s not really home.

Adnan and his family fled their home in Homs, Syria after Adnan was shot in the back by a sniper while crossing the town bridge to go buy bread for his family. The bullet entered his spine and left him paralyzed.

ACCION INTERNATIONAL: Isidro Medina, clothing manufacturer

Isidro Medina

Measuring economic growth over time is one of the most valuable insights we have into our clients’ lives. It’s also one of the key ways we define our clients’ successes. The idea is to start small and grow steadily with the help of financial advice and small loans along the way. Isidro Medina, Peruvian craft maker and client of Accion partner Credinka, has followed this trajectory remarkably well.

ACCION INTERNATIONAL: Champa Devi, tea stand owner

Champa Devi

Champa Devi owns a chai shop on a thoroughfare just outside of Patna, the capital and largest city in the Indian state of Bihar. Trucks, cars, auto rickshaws, motorcycles, and a host of foot traffic pass by in droves. It is rush hour, her busiest time of day. She smiles warmly, conscious of her foreign visitors and the photographer’s camera, which follows her as she moves swiftly along a rough-hewn wooden counter, serving up steaming glasses of tea from a blackened pot. Customers sit along the counter and on benches behind her, their postures nonchalant but eyes intently watching.

HEIFER INTERNATIONAL: Equality in Agriculture

Women farmers in Nepal

March 8 was International Women’s Day—a day to celebrate women and their contributions to the world. Despite this global, 24-hour celebration, women farmers are often overlooked. Acknowledging the important work of women farmers in agriculture and livestock development is necessary to raise their socioeconomic status. To close the hunger and poverty gap and ensure food and nutrition security, it is essential to invest in these women.


Laxmi Kisku, a Heifer India project participant and member of a Heifer self-help group recently experienced the value of leading by example. On a trip to Chak village to help form and mentor a new self-help group, she happened to meet a pigeon vendor. She was intrigued; she had never heard of pigeon farming for profit. Laxmi learned that this low-cost business can be started with a pair of birds and a simple birdhouse. The vendor explained that pigeons are nomadic, but, once they have an established shelter, the flock will start to grow.

SAVE THE CHILDREN: Learning About Motherhood in an Indian Slum

Chotti lost three babies shortly after they were born. She didn’t have prenatal care and she gave birth at home without a skilled attendant. “I didn’t know … I didn’t get check-ups, nothing,” she said. “All three children were born and then they died.”  

MERCY CORPS: Helping Syria's Youth Rebuild Their Country and Their Future

Sami is a Syrian refugee who fled to Turkey.

Sami doesn’t want to be forgotten.

As a teenager growing up in Syria, 15-year-old Sami worked every day to achieve his goal of becoming a doctor. He was a good student, pushed hard by his dad to study constantly. But when war broke out, Sami’s dream ended in the flash of a bomb. With his school flattened and his home destroyed, Sami’s family had no choice but to flee their home in Aleppo.

Now living as a refugee in Turkey, Sami is no longer planning for a future—he’s worried about losing the chance.

MERCY CORPS: Investing in Women Can Help a Community

Lucy sells eggs.

Lucy graduated from college with a degree in information technology just as Kenya’s growing economy was put into a standstill when disputes about the country’s 2007 presidential election led to protests and violence between ethnic tribes. Local hiring decisions were based on which tribe you belonged to, Lucy said. And few employers would give young people like herself a chance.

“Back then, dreams were shattered,” Lucy said. “There was no hope, because there were no jobs.”