Success Stories

Since 1956, Global Impact has raised more than $1.8 billion to help the world’s most vulnerable people. Each day we work with our charity partners to fight poverty, heal the sick and support communities in need, meeting real needs with real results. Below, please find a sample of success stories from our charity partners.

OPPORTUNITY INTERNATIONAL: The Opportunity to Provide for His Family

Jastin Jonas Madeb

Winding up the spiraling ramps of the Ilala Market in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania you walk right into Jastin’s calendar and poster shop. A lifelong entrepreneur, Jastin began his career selling clothing along the side of the road, but his income was unstable. Clothing sales fluctuated dramatically season to season, so Jastin couldn’t predict what he would earn each month.

USA GIRL SCOUTS OVERSEAS: A Personal Story: Girl Scouting in Nigeria

Girl Scouts Creating Art in Abuja

Written by Diana, a USA Girl Scouts Overseas volunteer and troop leader

Bolu is a Cadette Girl Scout in Abuja, Nigeria. She has been very enthusiastic about Girl Scouts, but several months ago I saw her catch the vision of Girl Scouts. I watched as everything she has been learning in the past two years came together and she finally believed, finally understood and internalized the message that she is capable, that she can be heard, that her ideas are valuable, that she matters. From that moment, Bolu was transformed!



Despite international commitment to end hunger once and for all, hundreds of millions of people still lack sufficient access to proper nutrition. The situation is particularly challenging in developing nations, where more than 13 percent of a countries’ total population go hungry.



In Tanzania, just 40 percent of pre-primary aged children are enrolled in early childhood education. And most primary schools in the region rely on outdated methods of teaching, like memorization and lecturing, even for the youngest students.


Lipi and her family

BRAC’s Ultra Poor Graduation program provides two years of intensive support and training for women living in poverty to start a livelihood, improve health for their families, send their children to school, and lay the groundwork for their future. One such woman is Lipi.


Classroom in Mozambique

Albertina eats bread with tea every morning for pequeno almoço, Portuguese for breakfast, then walks an hour to school. Occasionally, she skips breakfast and forages fruits on the way to class. Chances are slim that she will have lunch at all. She attends a primary school in Boane District, a 45 minute drive from Maputo, Mozambique, where we met her. As if it was something to hope for, not something to expect, she told us she liked the idea of “lunch at school because I will get a meal, and will go to class without feeling hungry.”


Farmers with their harvest

Minimal irrigation infrastructure, unverified seed quality, decreasing sales prices. These are only a few of the challenges affecting farmers near Gonaives, Haiti. Even in the face of these obstacles, they remain undaunted.

Sadrack, an experienced farmer, says, “I am not going to be stopped!”

He raises pigs, grows spinach and has established 1,450 banana trees since June 2016. His increased production has allowed him to hire a neighbor.

MEDICAL TEAMS INTERNATIONAL: Little Girl Struck by Bomb in Syria Receives Emergency Care

Bombed Health Clinic in Syria

9-year-old Marwa, who lives with her family in an abandoned and partially destroyed house in war-torn northern Aleppo, was playing outside when she heard the all-too-familiar sound of bombs exploding around her.

But this time, it was too late for little Marwa to run for shelter. Metal and rock fragments flew, tearing through the ligaments in her leg. She was lying on the ground in pain, scared of what was happening.

USA GIRL SCOUTS OVERSEAS: A Global Sisterhood, USA Girl Scouts Overseas

It’s World Thinking Day, although we take great pride in this unique, worldwide movement every single day, today is extra special as we rally our global sisterhood and celebrate it on a whole other level. That’s right. Today is a day of global connection, action, and pride in all of the amazing things that Girl Scouts and Girl Guides do across the map. This year, it’s also a day to “Grow” as we encourage girls to explore, stretch, and take on new challenges while celebrating what it means to be part of this one-of-a-kind family.