Success Stories

Since 1956, Global Impact has raised more than $1.8 billion to help the world’s most vulnerable people. Each day we work with our charity partners to fight poverty, heal the sick and support communities in need, meeting real needs with real results. Below, please find a sample of success stories from our charity partners.

UMCOR: In Haiti, School Repairs Improve Learning

The new classroom UMCOR built at Ecole Mixte La Rousse serves as a powerful symbol of hope and renewal for the school’s students and staff. It provides not only a space for learning and employment but, also, for healing wounds left by the earthquake. Healing is a process, students and staff explained. It is a process that School Director Jean Francisque knows very well.

HEIFER INTERNATIONAL: A Bright Future for Two Boys in Malawi

Thanks to help from Global Impact charity partner, Heifer International, anyone visiting the village of Msonthi, Malawi, today will see ox carts, bicycles and healthy children going to school, but this was not always the case. In years past, many families did not have a stable enough income source to provide for their children. Locals were experiencing chronic malnutrition, malaria and diarrheal disease—three of Africa’s leading childhood killers.

OXFAM: Vietnamese Rice Farmers Learn How to Increase Crop Yields and Decrease Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The harvest season has just ended in Thai Nguyen Province, and the vast terraces are filled with rows of freshly harvested rice stalks in countless small paddy fields. It was a good harvest, says 41-year-old Chu Thi Thanh Khuong, as she shows visitors bags of rice stacked up to two meters high.


Annu Devi, from India, remembers a time when “signing” her name meant giving her thumbprint because she did not know how to read or write.

According to the United Nations Development Program, women like Annu make up two-thirds of the world’s 796 million people who are illiterate.

HEIFER INTERNATIONAL: Resourceful Family Does Well with Ducks, Cows and Fish

Mrs. Pham Thi Nguyen lives with her husband in Binh Hoa commune, Duc Tan village, Long An province, Vietnam. She is the mother of four children, three of whom still live at home. The Pham family owns a 2,000 m² paddy field, which only produces two rice harvests per year. With this level of production, the couple barely makes ends meet. The couple was forced to work as day laborers to earn enough extra money to send their three young children to school.

CHILDREN INTERNATIONAL: One Woman’s Story of Achieving Financial Independence in a Man’s World

Poor Muslim girls from rural Indian villages are expected to marry young, have children and spend their lives taking care of the home. Even girls from less traditional families who dream of doing something different are stymied by a lack of opportunity. Like many girls before her, Sahanaj Khatun was expected to follow this path. But Sahanaj, an unmarried Muslim woman raised in a mud-floored shack without electricity or running water, defied the odds and achieved financial independence on her own.

CARE: Making a Difference in India

India is characterized by a rich cultural diversity, part of which includes more than 67 million people who belong to indigenous tribal groups. Many of these groups have been socially and economically excluded for much of modern history. Today nearly half of tribal families live in poverty—a rate similar to where the general population was two decades ago. Only about 30 percent of indigenous adults and less than 25 percent of indigenous women can read and write.

DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS: Afghan Medical Facility Fulfilling Needs & Saving Lives

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières USA, a Global Impact charity partner, recently opened a new medical facility in Kunduz, Afghanistan. Like any medical facility in an urban area, the new 70-bed surgical hospital sees a lot of road accidents and civilian gunshot injuries. In addition, though the Afghan region is safer that it was in recent years, remnants of war—like stray bullets or rockets—continue to put people’s lives at risk.

AMERICARES: Expanding Access to Quality, Surgical Care for Haiti's Poor

Joseph endured years of excruciating pain due to a hernia he could not afford to repair. The 70-year-old finally had surgery last year, and the suffering is now a distant memory thanks to an innovative program from AmeriCares, a Global Impact charity partner. The recently launched Quality and Access Program aims to extend access to care for impoverished patients in Haiti.

AMERICAN REFUGEE COMMITTEE: Helping People Who Have Lost Everything

Hadja’s ancestral home in Darfur had become so dangerous that she couldn’t complete simple daily tasks like collecting firewood or fetching water for fear of being assaulted or killed. The conflict in Sudan had reached her village. With the war so close, she and her family knew they couldn’t survive there anymore.