Success Stories

Since 1956, Global Impact has raised more than $1.8 billion to help the world’s most vulnerable people. Each day we work with our charity partners to fight poverty, heal the sick and support communities in need, meeting real needs with real results. Below, please find a sample of success stories from our charity partners.

WORLD VISION: From Despair at Night to Hope in the Morning

World Vision's Youth Club in Cambodia

One night, my husband was flipping through TV channels when I suddenly stopped him to ask him to go back to our local PBS station. After watching for a few minutes, I told him, “This looks like Cambodia.”

I had just returned from a trip to Cambodia with World Vision only the week before, so the sights and sounds of that country were fresh in my mind.

WORLD VISION: An Armenian Family Update- One Year Later

Aida and her family.

Exactly one year ago, as part of a team of World Vision bloggers, I headed to Armenia to experience cold weather poverty first-hand and see the work World Vision does to strengthen families and communities.

It was life changing for me, and a privilege to share the wonderful people I met with YOU!

One year later, I thought I’d update you on how one family we met is doing.

WORLD VISION: The Best Day of My Life

Millicent stands with her brother holding their school radios.

Eleven-year-old Millicent describes April 14, 2015 as “the best day of my life.”

That’s the day that schools officially reopened in Sierra Leone after a nine-month closure to help contain the spread of Ebola.

The deadly virus claimed 3,955 lives across Sierra Leone, including 945 children. But last April, school bells rang again and children’s laughter could be heard on playgrounds across the country.

WORLD VISION: Isaiah Thomas delivers free books — and melts hearts — in visit to hometown children

Isaiah Thomas hands out books to school children.

Isaiah Thomas is exceptional, and not just because he's a little guy succeeding among giants in the NBA.

Thomas handed out free hardback books in a distribution organized by World Vision and Metro Parks Tacoma in partnership with First Book, a nonprofit that provides new books to schools and other organizations serving low-income children.

After answering questions from third-graders gathered in the school library about life in the NBA ("Do you play with LeBron James?"), a boy in the back row raised his hand.

MEDICAL TEAMS INTERNATIONAL: Food Carts in Cambodia — Nutrition on the Go

Chort's foodcart in Cambodia.
Every day, Chort sees happy, smiling faces from her food cart. But these aren’t just any food cart customers - these are the faces of hungry children looking for a nourishing meal to start their day. These are children whose parents struggle to provide a nutrient-rich breakfast- children who might otherwise go hungry.

PACT: Not an easy job, but a better one

Jean-Marie works hard to support his family.

Five days a week at 7 a.m., Jean-Marie arrives at a mining site known as Rwamirambo I, located in Giteranyi village, in the province of Muyinga, Burundi. With a pickaxe and torch, he extracts tungsten in one of the mine’s pits. It’s arduous work, but mining offers a better life for Jean-Marie, his wife, his four children and his younger brother and sister.

PACT: For a young woman, a better life through entrepreneurship

Woman sells her goods in Vietnam.

It isn’t hard to find her in the center of a crowded market in Long Phu commune, Tam Binh district, Vinh Long province. Everyone here knows To Thi Thu Thao, a young woman who always has a shining smile on her face.

To look at her, you’d never know the difficulty she has faced.

PACT: With Pact's help, 'Ukraine's Jon Stewart' promotes tolerance, critical democratic reforms

Ukrainian journalist works to expose goverment corruption with Pact.

Two years ago, most Ukrainians had never heard of Roman Vintoniv. Now he rarely goes a day without a stranger on the street recognizing his black-framed glasses and signature blonde mustache and asking for a photo or a handshake.

PACT: With new skills, a young mother in Ethiopia hopes for a brighter future

Nigisti Mokonen Niguse overlooks the gold mine where she works.

For Nigisti Mokonen Niguse, nearly every morning is the same: She wakes early, says goodbye to her young daughter, and makes the grueling trek up a nearby mountain to the gold mine on which her livelihood depends.

Her husband, Aman Gebrehiwot, is usually already there. Because the trip from home is so exhausting, he sleeps on site most nights to save his energy for mining.

SIGHTSAVERS INTERNATIONAL: As Featured on NPR, Emmanuel's Story

Emmanuel shares his story with NPR.

60-year-old Emmanuel lost his sight while earning a living as a fisherman. How? Due to a disease called river blindness.

River blindness (onchocerciasis) is a disease caused by a parasitic worm transmitted by the bite of a river-breeding black fly. As its name suggests, river blindness can lead to visual impairments and often blindness.