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Global Impact reacts quickly to the evolving priorities of donors. Our expertise, business acumen and efficiency ensure that charitable gifts are used to address the most pressing problems facing the poorest and most disadvantaged people. For the latest information on the work we are doing to meet critical humanitarian needs around the world, see our current and archived press releases and news stories below.

Please direct all media inquiries to the attention of Global Impact Director, Marketing & Communications, Micaela Vivero at 703.717.5265 or email [email protected].

Philanthropic Disruptions: Everything and the Kitchen Sink

Global Impact Partner Solutions Senior Director Brandolon Barnett writes: 

"Nonprofits and philanthropy are, of course, no more immune than anything else to the cascading forces of “disruption” in modern-day American society. Whether through technology or the convergence of previously siloed activities into integrated platforms, the impact of these forces—which includes new ways in which technology enables us to work and give—is causing shifts across the charitable landscape that are shaping new donor behaviors and trends.

Corporate Disaster Response: Balancing Urgent Short-Term Needs with Long-Term Recovery Efforts

In a recent U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation blog, Global Impact’s Acting Managing Director of Partner Solutions Kathleen Lowenthal writes:

November International Observance Days

International observance days, like Universal Children's Day or Giving Tuesday, can be great tie-ins with your campaign and offer a way to motivate employees to give. Consider incorporating these days into your campaign and promote Global Impact’s High Impact Funds on the corresponding days. Download the complete 2017 list and other campaign materials here.

International Day of Peace 2017

Together for Peace

Today is International Day of Peace.

In 1981, the United Nations declared a day devoted to “commemorating and strengthening the ideals of peace both within and among all nations and peoples.” Peace Day provides a globally shared date for all humanity to commit to peace above all differences and to contribute to building a culture of peace.

2017 U.N. Peace Day Theme: Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All

ECPAT-USA Launches Any Kid Any School PSA

ECPAT-USA,a Global Impact charity partner, released a public service announcement titled “Any Kid Any School” aimed at empowering youth to identify situations of trafficking and become advocates in their own communities. The goal is for this PSA is to mobilize students, schools, parents, and the public to educate themselves about the signs of sex trafficking and take action on this issue that impacts children and families across the country.

Mexico Earthquake Relief Fund

Mexico City earthquake damage
On Tuesday, Sept. 19, a magnitude 7.1 earthquake hit central Mexico. The quake caused 38 buildings to collapse and took out more than 40 percent of power in Mexico City alone. At least 330 casualties have been reported, including 19 schoolchildren. Rescuers continue to work quickly to clear the rubble and locate survivors.
This quake came on the heels of an 8.1 magnitude quake that hit the country’s southern coast earlier this month and killed more than 90 people. 

Hurricane Maria Relief Fund

Hurricane Maria damage

Hurricane Maria slammed into Puerto Rico early on Wednesday, Sept. 20, as a Category 4 storm, wiping out power completely save for a few generators and ultimately killing more than 60 people. Now, the people of Puerto Rico are still struggling to access food, maintain power and generate income as they try to return to normalcy.

Those affected by the hurricane are in desperate need of help. Our charity partners are working to provide relief.

Hurricane Irma Relief Fund

Hurricane Irma - UNICEF

International Day of Charity 2017

Today is International Day of Charity.
Each year on Sept. 5, the anniversary of the death of Nobel Peace Prize winner Mother Teresa of Calcutta, we take a moment to recognize the efforts of charities worldwide and the role that charity plays in alleviating crisis and human suffering.