“COVID-19 Regulatory and Response Matrix” helps organizations navigate international funding

“COVID-19 Regulatory and Response Matrix” helps organizations navigate international funding 

ALEXANDRIA, Va., June 8, 2020 – Global Impact, supported by KPMG LLP, has released new research, the “COVID-19 Regulatory and Response Matrix,” which details international giving in the time of COVID-19 through a centralized source of information on 124 countries and territories across the globe. The data was compiled through extensive in-country and remote research.  

As nations implemented measures to stop the spread of the virus, a tandem philanthropic response ascended to address rising needs worldwide. In this critical situation, the time-consuming process of understanding regulatory requirements per country and territory hinders a rapid response. The “COVID-19 Regulatory and Response Matrix” serves as a resource with consolidated information regarding international funding, helping to guide organizations in their philanthropic decisions.

The matrix addresses the following areas for each country and territory:

  • How to make grants and the taxability of those grants to recipients.
  • Whether COVID-19 is classified as a state of emergency and if support for COVID-19 is considered charitable.
  • How countries are responding to COVID-19, including stimulus plans, dedicated charitable funds and contributions to global efforts. 

“Developing an international response to COVID-19 requires extensive data gathering across countries,” said Scott Jackson, president and CEO of Global Impact. “As a leader in growing global philanthropy, we are pleased to present this research for organizations looking to further their social impact and hope that it serves as a valuable resource for a timely, strategic philanthropic response to COVID 19.”

“Access to technical information during a time of such rapid changes is critical for organizations to make charitable decisions,” said Anita Whitehead, Principal of KPMG LLP’s Corporate Citizenship Services practice. “In speaking with Global Impact, it was clear that information needed by donors seeking to support international relief, was not easily accessible. There was so much online traffic related to COVID-19 that search results were distorted. It was clear that a consolidated resource was needed to help those seeking to make a positive impact during this pandemic. We appreciate partnering with Global Impact to fill this need.”  

To download the report and full research matrix visit /resources/covid19-regulatory-response-matrix. For information about services offered for organizations looking to expand their global philanthropic engagement contact: Global Impact at [email protected] and KPMG at [email protected].