Global Impact, the leader in growing global philanthropy, established the Coronavirus Outbreak Fund in response to the COVID 19 pandemic. Members of the Global Impact Charity Alliance are responding around the world to the outbreak, addressing critical humanitarian needs.

Coronavirus Outbreak Fund supports charities responding to the recent coronavirus outbreak 

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Mar. 17, 2020 – Global Impact, the leader in growing global philanthropy, established the Coronavirus Outbreak Fund in response to the COVID 19 pandemic. Members of the Global Impact Charity Alliance are responding around the world to the outbreak, addressing critical humanitarian needs.

The need for prevention and treatment at this time is paramount to successful containment and mitigation of the disease. “While much is uncertain still at this time, we do know that uniting to virtually support our fellow human is an effective way to avoid feeling helpless or isolated and ultimately overcome the outbreak,” said Scott Jackson, president and CEO. “Global Impact charities are doing their part to serve existing and new constituencies around the world during this pandemic, and they need our help to be successful.”

As infection rates increase across the U.S. and around the world, individuals and communities are doing their part to mitigate the spread of the disease, maintaining safe social distances or staying home entirely. For some, such as those living in refugee communities, this is not always an option. These and other underserved communities with weak health and sanitations systems are especially susceptible to the negative outcomes of a pandemic. Jackson added, “For those seeking an outlet to support efforts combating this disease, especially within vulnerable populations, our Coronavirus Outbreak Fund offers the opportunity to give back and have an impact.”

Give to the Coronavirus Outbreak Fund to help support response efforts for this emergency. Corporations can also implement the fund as part of an employee engagement strategy. Donations through the fund are pooled and distributed to responding charities, guaranteeing they will be used solely toward coronavirus prevention, relief and recovery. Contributions will provide people and communities in need with necessary medical supplies and care, quarantine kits, virus education and more.

While the need is great across the globe, Global Impact also understands that your company and employees may be affected. Contact our team to set up an employee assistance and hardship fund and learn about other services we offer to support your organization in response to COVID-19.   

Global Impact Charity Alliance members responding include:

  • ALIMA USA, The Alliance for International Medical Action: Coordinating with the Ministries of Health in current countries of operation to strengthen capacity; working on prevention and treatment measures; supporting triage, patient flow, infection prevention and control measures, and case management of patients in Senegal. 
  • Americares: Delivered 6 tons of protective supplies around the world, including 13 shipments to partner clinics serving low-income and uninsured patients in the U.S.; conducting interventions and enhancements in free clinics domestically and around the globe; building capacity for health workers; training at-risk facilities in infection prevention control; addressing mental health and psychosocial support services; preparing to mobilize medical personnel for overwhelmed health facilities. 
  • Amref Health Africa: Launching a two-month campaign to train and educate health workers.
  • CARE: Setting up isolation spaces in refugee camps for safe quarantine; preparing supply kits to distribute to people who show symptoms; pre positioning emergency supplies, including tents to expand isolation wards if needed.
  • Direct Relief: Delivered via FedEx more than 30,000 pounds of protective gear — including N95 and surgical masks, gloves, coveralls, face shields, and shoe covers — in the U.S., China and around the globe. 
  • Food For The Poor: Sent 20 pallets of health supplies to Guyana, Haiti, Honduras and Jamaica to help children and families prevent transmission of COVID-19.
  • International Medical Corps: Engaging all of its mission countries through its global taskforce of more than 7,000 staff members spanning 30 countries; addressing COVID-19 in conflict zones and in areas already at risk for Ebola.
  • MAP International: Airlifted 2 million respirator masks, 280,000 pairs of nitrile gloves and 10,000 protective coveralls to help curtail the spread of the highly contagious virus.
  • Matthew 25: Ministries: Working to assist local partner organizations in the U.S. who are serving at-risk populations; distributing desperately-needed supplies to nursing homes, assisted care facilities, and more.
  • Mercy Corps: Responding in the U.S. and more than 15 other countries by providing resources for hygienic practices; helping small businesses take precautions for containment and supporting the development of business continuity plans; delivering emergency cash, support and online business mentoring.
  • Partners In Health: Initiating safe testing, triage and isolation to protect patients, communities and staff in resource-poor, vulnerable countries around the world; providing dignified, high-quality care for patients; leveraging network of skilled health workers to conduct contact tracing; supporting government response in each care delivery site.
  • PATH: Supporting surveillance measures by utilizing existing systems developed for Ebola and malaria; providing technical assistance to help emergency operations centers; developing data visualization dashboards and mapping tools that enable targeted response; partnering with the CDC to develop online COVID-19 case investigation.
  • Project HOPE: Delivering lifesaving equipment to hospitals in the coronavirus outbreak’s epicenter in Wuhan, China; gearing up to respond and protect health workers in at-risk countries.
  • Save the Children: Delivered 36,000 face masks for health workers in Wuhan; training health teams in the U.S. and worldwide how to protect themselves and prevent further spread of the disease; supplying protective equipment and other supplies to front line health staff; protecting children and families that may be separated due to quarantine.
  • UNICEF USA: Delivered a 6 metric ton shipment of respiratory masks and protective suits for health workers in Shanghai, China; leading globally on preventative actions with risk communication; delivering hygiene and medical kits to schools and health clinics around the world; monitoring the impact of the outbreak to support continuity of care, education and social services.
  • WaterAid: Promoting hand washing; publicizing lack of clean water for 785 million or sanitation for 2.3 billion around the world.
  • World Vision: Responding on the ground since the beginning of the outbreak; reaching at-risk communities with supplies in the U.S. and abroad; providing health training and supplies like face masks for health workers, and thermometers, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes for children and families.