Environmental Sustainability

Episcopal Relief & Development: Agriculture Projects in Nicaragua


Episcopal Relief & Development works with local partner CEPAD (the Council of Protestant Churches in Nicaragua) to support community agriculture projects that alleviate hunger and improve food supply. Photo credit: Harvey Wang for Episcopal Relief & Development

ECHO: Teaching Families to Farm in Thailand


Hilltribe farming families are being taught how to raise pigs feeding them fermented banana stalks for nutrients. Photographer Danielle Flood, Chiang Mai Thailand

ECHO: Farming in Thailand


This farmer is making fermented pig feed that he learned about from UHDP and ECHO.

Counterpart International: Creating Sustainability in Ethopia


Father in Tulu Gudo Monastery tells the story of the Zay people. This Monastery is home to priceless relics. As well, legend holds that the Monastery was once home to the Arc of the Covenant, making it an incredible tourist draw. Counterpart’s Ethiopian Sustainable Tourism Alliance, funded by USAID, is working to create sustainable, market-driven tourist attractions that allow residents to make a profit from conserving environmental resources and local culture. © David Snyder/Counterpart International.

Counterpart International: Teaching Fisherman Sustainability in the Dominican Republic


With a freshly-caught lion fish nearby, members of a fishermen's association discuss the morning's fishing in the Dominican Republic. Counterpart supports partner agency Agrofrontera as it works with this and other fishermen's groups, educating them on sustainable fishing practices and also linking them with markets for the invasive lion fish, which threatens local fish populations. © David Snyder/Counterpart International.

World Relief: Farming in Haiti


A World Relief-trained farmer tends a coffee plant nursery. Haiti. Photo by World Relief.

Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC): Water Quality Testing in Guatemala


UUSC volunteer Rob Robinson tests water quality in the western highlands of Guatemala, where the Marlin gold mine threatens water access to the indigenous Sipakapense community. Protecting the human right to safe, clean water is a key focus of UUSC’s work.

NetHope: Assessments in Philippines


Lalli performing BGAN assessments in Baganga after Typhoon Bopha hit.

Pan American Development Foundation (PADF): Celebrating 50 Years!

Charity YouTube Video

PADF celebrates 50 years of global humanitarianism and working with the most vulnerable people to sustain growth and development.