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Grant Facilitation & Funds Distribution

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Is your company or corporate foundation up against grant-making challenges?

Supporting employees and communities is one of the core functions of corporate philanthropy and responsibility. Yet there is not a one-size-fits-all structure, and the process of determining where grant funding should go and how it can get there comes with several layers of complexities to consider, including taxes, equivalency determination, technology needs and business risks. 

Global Impact can help! As a philanthropic intermediary, we have experience distributing charitable funds to organizations in the U.S. and around the world. We have helped clients big and small distribute funds during a crisis, design grant programs from scratch, stand up funds for key causes, launch employee assistance programs and everything in between. 

Furthermore, since we are a registered charity, we can accept contributions from a variety of sources to jumpstart your organization’s grant-making, including accepting funds from foundations, corporations and corporate foundations.

In 2020, we distributed $51 million to charitable entities in 57 different countries.

How can we help you?

  •  Identify and vet domestic and international grantees: Identify your partners around the world that align with your philanthropic objectives, or choose from one of the nearly 100 best in class international humanitarian organizations in Global Impact’s Charity Alliance. Reduce fiduciary and reputational risk through a vetting process that includes conducting equivalency determination, expenditure responsibility and more.
  •  Negotiate grant agreements: Work with funders and grantees to define the terms of each grant.


  •  Disburse grants: Receive the tax benefit for your charitable grant-making, and rely on Global Impact to handle the complexities of granting funds to organizations outside the U.S. Grant recipients can be international nonprofit organizations, for-profit organizations conducting charitable work or even individuals (learn more about our employee assistance programs).
  •  Report on impact: Liaise directly with grant recipient to collect qualitative and quantitative impact of grant funds distributed as well as support the storytelling of grant distribution.

Comprehensive grant program management

In addition to all of the above, work with us to launch a comprehensive grant program for your company, corporate foundation, nonprofit or collaborative funding opportunity. Services include:

  • Create a strategic grant program aligned with organizational goals.
  • Leverage Global Impact’s infrastructure to administer the program.
  • Develop a grant program microsite.
  • Create and disseminate an RFP.
  • Launch a custom, online grants management platform.

Global Impact can also provide integrated staffing to liaise with an advisory committee, review and respond to grant requests, and develop impact reports.

Interested in learning more or want to discuss the complexities and challenges of grant-making? Contact us today.

Funds disbursed by country

Funds distributed by country map

Countries in which Global Impact has distributed grants to charitable entities, for-profit organizations and individuals. 



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