Date: Thursday, Aug. 26
Time: 3 p.m. EST

As your workplace continues to navigate returning to the office and engaging employees in both virtual and in-person contexts, we want to help you inspire employee satisfaction and greater giving. This is more important than ever as we tackle the “great resignation” of the workforce. (Hint: If you haven’t heard about this trend, you’ll want to!)

In 2020, individual giving was up 5.2%, which tells us that, even during trying times, people will give when asked. Build on this momentum with your employee giving campaign this year. Our team has pooled resources and inspiration from our alliance of leading international charities into our Employee Giving Hub.

  • Explore tools and resources available to make your campaign stand out and inspire greater giving ​
  • Identify trainings for your volunteers, keyworkers and campaign ambassadors​ to keep them engaged, help them achieve success, and ensure everyone is having fun.
  • Preview incredible charity speakers to call on for your campaign events such as kickoffs, lunch & learns or charity fairs.