Edited on Nov. 23, 2021

There are so many great options when it comes to supporting charities on GivingTuesday, so how can you possibly pick? We know the perfect way to choose which cause to support this year – just answer this one question. And we have all the GivingTuesday information for top charities working in your cause area!

What inspires you?

Ok, it’s a fairly straightforward question, but this is a fool-proof way to help you make a decision and know you’re giving in the right place. Click the option below that best resonates with you – or scroll through all of the giving opportunities. Top-performing charities are listed under each cause, alongside everything you need to make your GivingTuesday plans.

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Give Global This GivingTuesday

Economic Development
You want to see an end to poverty; you support entrepreneurs and investments in job creation.

FINCA International: Your gift will help hardworking female entrepreneurs from Haiti to Malawi access microloans that will allow them to grow, pivot and start businesses that serve essential community needs. It will help provide access to clean energy in off-grid homes in East Africa – energy like solar lighting that allows kids to keep learning while in quarantine, keeps homes safe from fire risk and allows household breadwinners to be productive even after the sun sets. And it will help social businesses that do important work in education, sanitation, financial services, agriculture and more to keep serving poor communities in their hours of need.

Habitat Humanity International: Habitat for Humanity and our donors are working together this holiday season to help make affordable homeownership a reality for more families in the U.S. and around the world. From Nov. 8, 2021, to Jan. 10, 2022, Habitat for Humanity International will challenge donors to double the donation when their gift is combined with a gift from Lowe’s, up to $3.6 million. In addition, all donations up to $125,000 made at Habitat.org on GivingTuesday will be matched dollar-for-dollar.

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Opportunity International: More than 50 years of their donors’ passion, support and generosity have paved the way for millions of people around the globe to work their way out of poverty. Opportunity has created a virtual art gallery called “Portrait of a Waymaker” where guests will enjoy an audio-visual immersion into the incredible experiences of Opportunity’s clients as they tour some of their most illuminating portraits. The virtual fundraising event will feature narration by their clients and field experts, a special musical performance by Broadway star Nick Cosgrove and a short reception with fellow visitors. Please join Opportunity International on GivingTuesday from 6 – 6:45 p.m. CST for the virtual art gallery opening of “Portrait of a Waymaker.”

Pact: For 50 years, Pact has been dedicated to improving the lives of people around the globe who are affected by poverty and marginalization – and they are doing it in a way that empowers them to overcome challenges on their own. Last year, Pact helped more than 2 million people gain improved access to health and social services. With support from Pact, 1.4 million people increased their income and nearly 70,000 gained improved access to energy. Pact also builds peace and democracy, protects the environment, stops child labor and other human rights abuses, and more. They envision a world where everyone owns their future. Your donation can help make that world a reality.

Social Justice 
You are energized by national conversations about advocacy for marginalized communities and protest injustices where you see them.

Ashoka: Ashoka believes and invests in the dreamers, visionaries and architects of a brighter, more equitable world. They call them changemakers. Ashoka’s innovative fellows from 92+ countries are driving badly-needed system change in all fields – removing landmines, protecting the world’s oceans, advocating for women’s rights, uplifting the voices of people of color, changing national policy, democratizing healthcare, spreading empathy, reforming prisons and much more. But more importantly, they are showing that everyone has the power to create change. This GivingTuesday, join their movement to build an “everyone a changemaker world” and help champion solutions that are changing the world for good!

Human Rights Watch: There is no shortage of atrocities being perpetrated around the world. Supporters have helped Human Rights Watch investigate and report on abuses in all corners of the world, from Afghanistan to South Africa, and demand justice for survivors. Together, we will unite against perpetrators who deny rights, silence protesters and threaten people’s health, well-being and lives. This GivingTuesday, gifts will be matched five times and support programs like demanding equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines, sustaining an emergency response to the crisis in Afghanistan and advocating for women and girls worldwide.

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Oxfam America:  The future is equal. Inequality is the most pressing issue of our time. And for 80 years, people like you have fueled Oxfam America’s mission to end poverty and injustice. From the highlands of Central America and the corn fields of Uganda to the shores of the southern Gulf Coast in the U.S., Oxfam and their supporters are fighting to guarantee a life of dignity for every person in crisis and to challenge billionaires, corporations, governments and international financial institutions to do better. The story of the future starts with you. Join Oxfam during this giving season and build a more equal future – together.

Prison Fellowship International: Conditions can be much harsher for prisoners in other countries, as well as for their children. Prison Fellowship International connects with prisoners in some of the darkest places on earth and introduces them to hope for a new life through in-prison discipleship courses, and restorative justice courses focused on accountability, forgiveness and confession. This GivingTuesday, you can help a prisoner find new hope for their future: Just $15 provides the supplies he or she needs to enter The Prisoner’s Journey.

Imagining the future together

Tostan: We’ve reached more than 2,800 communities in eight African countries who are dedicated and prepared to imagine, develop and create their future well-being. By supporting Tostan, you join a worldwide family of believers in their holistic, inclusive and respectful approach that leads to Dignity for All.

You understand the value of a good education and how it can empower individuals and communities.  

Grameen Foundation: Your gift on GivingTuesday supports Grameen’s work to pair people with technology to lift entire communities out of poverty. Grameen trains women in developing countries to deliver financial education and digital solutions that help women and families in their villages save for the future, invest in their businesses and improve their farms. The result is a chain reaction of benefits including increased income, food security and the ability to pay school and medical fees. Your gift on Nov. 30 will be matched dollar-to-dollar up to $100,000.

The Salvation Army World Service Office: They are dedicated to improving the health, education and economic conditions of poor people throughout the world. On GivingTuesday, your gift will help people through sustainable programs that improve living conditions, combat the spread of disease, raise skill levels, increase productivity and instill self-confidence.

Human Trafficking 
You are moved when you hear stories of rescued trafficking victims. You support survivors, who deserve better and happy lives.

Be the change you want to see in the world

Free the Slaves: There are over 300,000 Haitian children trapped in modern slavery. Every day, these children will face isolation, hunger and even abuse. No child should ever undergo these atrocities. This GivingTuesday, you will have the opportunity to combat the issue of human trafficking and modern-day slavery. With your donation, you will be providing care, resources and protection for these Haitian children. By donating to Free The Slaves, you are helping them educate local communities, advocate for survivors and liberate victims. With your help on Nov. 30, 2021, we will create a world free from slavery!

International Justice Mission: You can give the gift of freedom to children trapped in human trafficking and modern-day slavery. Your gift can support a rescue operation, defend vulnerable children and widows from violence and provide life-changing aftercare. Give hope to those who need it most — and your gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $250,000 on GivingTuesday!

Women and Girls 
You are passionate about gender equality and get inspired hearing stories of women lifting each other up.

Midwives save lives

Amref Health Africa: This year’s GivingTuesday campaign will help train midwives to improve their skills in safely delivering babies and learn new skills like resuscitating newborns. Every day, over 800 women in sub-Saharan Africa die from pregnancy and childbirth-related causes, of which 80% are preventable. With $10,000, Amref can train 40 community midwives who can provide potentially lifesaving care for up to 20,000 women in a year. This campaign will also supply midwives with kits and bicycles to help them reach remote areas and give critically needed care with the necessary supplies.

Share the love spread the joy

CARE: Make a difference with these special offers! Throughout this holiday giving season, partners are working with CARE to help empower women and girls to build better lives for themselves, their families and their communities. Any purchase from the PÜR x CARE collection will help unlock a $100,000 donation from PÜR. These funds will help empower women living in communities in need.

CARE and The Body Shop are working together to spread the love and share the joy this holiday. With a $50,000 donation, The Body Shop is celebrating caregivers and helping communities in need by sending CARE Packages. Plus, for each Community CARE Pouch purchased during their Black Friday promotion (Nov. 22 – 30), The Body Shop will donate $2 up to an additional $25,000! This will help support programs in the US that provide families and communities in need with meals and jobs!

ChildFund International: Around the world, children are in urgent need of basic resources like nutritious food, clean water, medical care and more – especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to their generous corporate partner Simply Southern, every dollar you donate to ChildFund this GivingTuesday will be matched up to $25,000 — so your gift will make double the difference for children!

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Fistula Foundation: Obstetric fistula is a devastating childbirth injury that destroys a woman’s life. It leaves her incontinent, humiliated and too often shunned by her community. Surgery is the only cure. This GivingTuesday, Fistula Foundation is focused on providing support to fistula patients and partner surgeons in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), often referred to as the “worst place in the world to be a woman.” Your gift will support life-changing treatment for women who are needlessly suffering in the DRC.

Plan International USA: This GivingTuesday, fight for gender equality and multiply your impact for girls! With one of their Gifts of Hope, you can help girls get access to clean water and safe bathrooms, resources to learn about gender equality or hygiene supplies to stay safe in this pandemic. And best of all — thanks to the generosity of their corporate partner Procter & Gamble — when you shop this special collection you can quadruple the value of your gift!

White Ribbon Alliance: Support White Ribbon Alliance’s pioneering What Women Want campaign this GivingTuesday, which has already resulted in more than 20 major policy wins and the mobilization of over $11 million in domestic funding for reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health services and supplies in the campaign’s eight focus countries. What Women Want has also led to more than 350 facilities significantly upgraded with running water, operational blood banks and services to prevent and treat gender-based violence and better attend to people with disabilities, all where there were none before.

You believe everyone has the right to basic needs like food, clothing and shelter; you advocate for policies that protect displaced people and welcome all communities.

Child with mask peeking through a door

HIAS: As more people have been displaced by violence and persecution, and as the COVID-19 pandemic has continued to threaten people’s lives, HIAS has continued to support refugees and asylum seekers with legal aid, economic assistance, job training, counseling and other vital services. Since Afghan refugees began arriving in the United States in large numbers in late summer, HIAS has been there, working with resettlement partners across the nation to help refugee families land on their feet. Please make a GivingTuesday gift to HIAS to support all who flee violence and persecution when they need it most.

International Rescue Committee: This GivingTuesday, the IRC is partnering with gamers and content creators, as well as clubs, community groups and companies to support the IRC through unique, creative and engaging activities through the Tiltify platform. Tiltify gives you the tools to engage your friends and audiences to raise funds using a streamlined setup and fun incentives, rewards and polls to generate greater engagement and donations. Your donation provides lifesaving support – including food, clean water, shelter and more – to those who need it. In this defining moment, let’s come together and work as one to serve humanity.

Islamic Relief USA: Refugees don’t have a choice – for one reason or another, they are forced to leave their homes and their entire livelihoods behind. Islamic Relief USA prioritizes serving refugees not just on GivingTuesday, but every day. They support refugee families around the world and right here in the U.S. Show your compassion for refugees on GivingTuesday and help some of the most vulnerable among us get vital items like food, medical aid, water, blankets, clothes and more!

MOAS: GivingTuesday is a global generosity movement. Support MOAS this year as they provide assistance to communities around the world. Their projects span across several continents responding to multiple crises, and your support can help them implement important initiatives supporting refugees and asylum seekers. $25 provides resource book to in-camp learning centers, $75 makes one fire safety backpack for a refugee camp and $100 sponsors MOAS’ in-hospital support for one refugee. Join MOAS and be a powerful force for good this holiday season.

World Food Program USA: Today, a historic number of people are facing hunger across the globe. Among the most vulnerable groups are internally displaced people and refugees caught in the crossfires of conflict. Families in Afghanistan, Yemen, Ethiopia and South Sudan are most at risk of slipping into starvation. Help World Food Program USA raise $250,000 by midnight on GivingTuesday to send 3,000 boxes of emergency food to families in need.

You care about the well-being of people in an emergency while also thinking about longer-term solutions. You like to volunteer at local food shelters and advocate for climate-smart policies that will help ensure access to food in the future.

Help us fight world hunger

Action Against Hunger: They have the tools and expertise to treat children in need around the world. They help people in nearly 50 countries and provide services in some of the world’s hardest-to-reach places. In Paguir, South Sudan, Action Against Hunger’s health care facility serves an estimated 35,000 people – and it’s their only option for miles. But now that hunger is threatening to claim the lives of thousands more children each month due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, Action Against Hunger needs your help to expand their reach even further. Before their match expires at midnight on Nov. 30, give now to DOUBLE your impact in the fight against hunger. When just $50 can bring a child back from the brink, every gift makes an immeasurable impact.

CMMB: 41 million people worldwide are facing emergency levels of food insecurity. The compounding effects of COVID-19, economic instability and violence are putting a record number of people at risk of starvation. Children are the most vulnerable. Help CMMB reach their goal of $50,000 on GivingTuesday to maximize their match support. Together, we can help starving children get the healthcare, medicine, and nutritional support they desperately need.

Food For The Poor: In a year when inflation and surging food prices are deepening the pain for many struggling families in the countries where the charity serves, Food For The Poor’s participation in the annual GivingTuesday campaign is even more important. The charity’s goal is to raise funds to build homes for families in desperate need of a safe home as well as to provide lifesaving food. On Nov. 30 all gifts will be tripled. Help provide a family with a safe and secure home and nutritious food this GivingTuesday.

Rise Against Hunger: This GivingTuesday, Rise Against Hunger invites you to play trivia to fight world hunger. Individuals can register with a $25 gift to play! The first $85,000 in donations made to Rise Against Hunger on GivingTuesday will be matched.

Baby sitting up

Save the Children: Around the world, children living in poverty have it the worst. They may need to work, to support their family. They may face malnutrition as the threat of famine rises globally. Save the Children works in the hardest to reach places like Yemen, where it’s toughest to be a child. Noor (above) was given therapeutic treatment after being diagnosed with severe acute malnutrition at a Save the Children supported hospital – six months later, she has made remarkable progress.  With your support, Save the Children can continue their work to keep children in the U.S. and around the world healthy, educated and safe.

Disaster relief  
You are the first to give when there’s an emergency; hurricanes, flooding, conflict, you name it. Your solutions-driven brain always has you thinking about where your gift can make a big impact.

Made possible by your support

Americares: For Americares, GivingTuesday is a time of hope and generosity, and this year’s campaign again offers an 8x match to maximize donors’ gifts. This year, Americares is able to offer this amazing match opportunity thanks to the generosity of the Posner Foundation of Pittsburgh. A donation to Americares helps save lives and improve health in families around the world by providing critical medicines, medical supplies and aid. Just last year, Americares responded to 34 disasters in 37 countries, including hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, volcanoes and humanitarian conflict. All made possible because of their donors’ spirit of generosity.

Matthew 25: Ministries: Matthew 25: Ministries helps the poorest of the poor and disaster victims locally, nationally and internationally.  Matthew 25 ships over 15 million pounds of supplies and impacts the lives of more than 20,000,000 people in need each year. Matthew 25’s programs fall into four major categories: humanitarian aid distribution, disaster relief services, manufacturing and special programs. Your generous support on GivingTuesday will help to bring basic, life-saving and life-changing essentials like food, clothing, personal care, cleaning, medical and educational supplies to people in need throughout the U.S. and worldwide.  Thank you for your support of their work!

Mercy Corps: The winter holiday season is here and Mercy Corps is welcoming it with open arms. This past year alone, Mercy Corps reached more than 50 million people in more than 40 countries, creating more secure and just lives for themselves and their families. They worked alongside communities to help farmers adapt to the devastating effects of climate change, create jobs for young people, keep families safe and healthy during the pandemic — and so much more. For this year’s GivingTuesday, a gift combined with the generosity of people all over the world can help bring Mercy Corps into 2022 stronger than ever.

World Vision: When you give to the World Vision Fund this GivingTuesday, you’ll be meeting critical needs both today and tomorrow, helping people rebuild in the wake of disasters and empowering entire communities to lift themselves out of poverty. You’ll help kids and families tackle the big issues that keep them in poverty, equipping them to thrive with reliable access to basics like clean water, nutrition, healthcare, education and more. All gifts will be matched up to $1 million!

Global Health & Child Survival 
You believe that health care is a human right. You might have a specific cause you’re passionate about like finding a cure to cancer, or maybe you spend your time reflecting on systemic improvements to ensure medical access for those who need it.  

Global Health Council: This GivingTuesday, help Global Health Council advance global health equity as they work to make Health For All a reality. Every dollar you give to Global Health Council gives them the power to remind policymakers what happens when health systems aren’t adequately funded. With your support, they can amplify the collective voice and impact to continue their efforts.

Global Partners in Care:  Globally, only 1 in 10 people with a life-threatening illness who are in need of palliative care actually have access to it. Through their partnerships, Global Partners in Care supports service delivery, research and education, and raises awareness of the global need for access to essential hospice and palliative care services. Your support of GPIC on GivingTuesday will ensure tens of thousands of patients and families facing serious illness, death and grief have access to these services that afford comfort and dignity – which are human rights.

Himalayan Cataract Project: Join the Himalayan Cataract Project this GivingTuesday as they work to cure needless blindness in underserved communities across Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. Thanks to a generous group of donors, all GivingTuesday gifts to the Himalayan Cataract Project will be matched up to $150,000! Your matched gift will provide essential eye care to those most in need, train doctors to serve their local communities, and provide supplies and equipment to growing eye care centers. With $25, a 10-minute cataract surgery can restore sight – and life!

Living Goods: Your gift on GivingTuesday supports community health workers providing health care to families in sub-Saharan Africa. Together with Living Goods, you can help strengthen the community health systems that have been impacted by COVID-19. Your support means children will receive the medicine they need, women will have access to the maternal care they require and families will be healthy and thrive.

Two medical professionals

Photo credit: Lauren Odderstol/Medical Teams International

Medical Teams International: Thanks to a special match, gifts to Medical Teams International are being doubled even before GivingTuesday begins. That means your gift will send twice the lifesaving medical supplies and care to people in crisis. Your gift can give emergency food to a malnourished child, help a woman give birth safely, offer loving care to refugees, provide COVID-19 vaccines, testing and treatment, and so much more. Give boldly and help save lives today.

Operation Smile: When children are born with cleft conditions, it can affect their health, self-confidence, their ability to make friends and their future. Since 1982, Operation Smile has been committed to providing patients with health that lasts through lifesaving cleft surgeries and comprehensive care, helping them to better breathe, eat and speak and to live lives of greater quality and restored dignity. Your support on GivingTuesday will help to bring brighter futures to children around the world.

Sightsavers: This GivingTuesday, your support could help give another child the chance of a life-changing cataract operation, the chance to have an independent and brighter future – the chance they and their family might not find anywhere else. This year you could help Sightsavers to provide even more children with transformational cataract surgery, as the first $26,000 in donations received for GivingTuesday will be doubled.

UMR: They believe that in helping a community become self-sustainable, you must begin with providing health care. This GivingTuesday, UMR is fundraising to give free cataract surgeries to people in need. Across the world, 36 million people suffer from blindness, and 80% of that blindness is preventable. Cataracts are completely curable through a simple surgery, and UMR has organized countless medical missions on which they’ve performed thousands of cataract surgeries. For just $100, you can cure someone’s blindness and give them the gift of seeing the world again.

Reimagine the future for every child

UNICEF USA: For the past 75 years, UNICEF has been on an urgent and relentless fight for children’s rights, lives, health, safety, education and dignity. And this year, it’s at the most important moment in its history. UNICEF has been entrusted with ensuring equitable distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine worldwide and helping to reimagine the future for every child. On GivingTuesday, UNICEF needs your help to end the pandemic once and for all – for everyone – and give children their childhoods back. Please make a donation, start a fundraiser or advocate. Together, we are unstoppable.

You enjoy learning about conservation work like wildlife preservation and sustainable agriculture programs and make smart choices at home to conserve energy.

ECHO: They’ve turned GivingTuesday into GivingSeeds-day – because seeds have the power to grow better futures! Your gift to GivingSeeds-day will help families grow hope from the ground up. To say yes to those who need seeds and training in life-changing agricultural solutions, they’re raising $45,000 on GivingSeeds-day with the help of a dollar-for-dollar match now through Dec. 14. Together, we can spread seeds of hope around the world!

Episcopal Relief & Development: GivingTuesday marks the beginning of the holiday giving season. Why not take this special opportunity to transform lives? Support key programs in three priority areas: climate, women and children.  Every donation you make to Episcopal Relief & Development has the power to make a tangible difference. On GivingTuesday, your gift can go twice as far in caring for our brothers and sisters worldwide.  Whatever gifts you choose to give, it will double in impact thanks to our year-end match.

Woman kneeling and smiling

Seed Programs International: From the first climate-driven famine in Madagascar to political displacement in South Sudan, Seed Programs International is focusing on increasing food security around the world through the power of seeds. Vegetable gardens increase nutrition, decrease dependency and send positive ripple effects throughout communities. Donate on GivingTuesday and your donation will be matched. Together, we can do right by people and planet!

Clean Water 
You love seeing communities use a brand-new well, knowing that women and kids won’t have to walk far to get safe, clean water.

Woman holding a cup of water

Water For People: Water is … so many things! Water is the reason, the answer, the solution. Water transforms, empowers and changes life. This GivingTuesday, Water For People is celebrating all that water is and furthering access to safe, reliable water through a $25,000 match. Supporting Water For People this holiday season helps provide lasting access to the most basic of needs – water and sanitation. Join them and celebrate all that water is!