This month marks the launch of our new Cause of the Month initiative! To better support our campaign partners and promote the work of our Charity Alliance, each month, we will share photos, videos and a blog post all about that month’s cause, featuring some of the leading charities working in the field. We’ll also get a behind-the-scenes take from Global Impact employee’s, hearing more about their own personal stories and the causes they care about.

Connecting causes with giving and volunteer opportunities  
As part of this new strategy, Global Impact has expanded resources in our Virtual Employee Giving Hub to include a full suite of marketing and engagement materials for 11 top international cause areas where our charities excel – including our two new cause areas, social justice and environment. This means your campaign can easily follow our cause month calendar, pull information that supports your focus areas and adapt the resources to fit your own campaign plans.

Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect!

  • Ready-to-use resources lift the burden from your campaign coordinators, giving them tools that  can be easily adapted to your employees’ interests and focus areas.
  • Plug-and-send cause messaging templates can be implemented on your communication channels to reach your employees.
  • Information about each cause area and how charities are helping respond – learning more leads to a better understanding of how individuals and communities are impacted.
  • Specific observance days for each cause area so you can easily incorporate the connections within your campaign (e.g., World Day Against Trafficking in Persons on July 30, International Day of the Girl on Oct. 11 or World Hunger Day on May 28).
  • Unique giving opportunities through our High Impact Funds, which are tied to four of the most popular causes.

I’m very excited about these new resources and how they’ll impact this year’s campaign season. Some of my favorites include:

  • Fast facts – What you need to know about the cause area.
  • Ways to get involved – Employee engagement activities for learning with your teams.
  • Key observance days – Opportunities to connect with other charities and companies who share your interest in a specific cause area.

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