If you’ve ever attempted growing your own plants, you will understand that proper growth involves specific resources and factors. You must start with the right seeds, plant in good soil and use the proper amount of water and sunlight. Under the correct conditions, when done properly, over time you will see new life emerge from that seed. The same is true for your workplace giving campaign. 

During our “Ready, Set, GROW! 4 Tips to Champion Employee Giving” webinar in August, we shared the tips and tools you need to launch your 2023 workplace giving campaign. Here’s the quick recap: 

Tip #1 – Teaming Up
Determine the right people or volunteers at your workplace to assemble for your giving campaign team. Consider their special skills, abilities and interests when making your list and deciding who to approach. These people will serve in specific functions throughout the season, so it’s important to understand and designate roles. Potential roles and skills you may need filled: managers or coordinators, creatives or designers, event organizers, the tech savvy helpers, leadership and influences. Don’t forget to make Global Impact part of your team too.  

Tip #2 – Take Time
Once your team is assembled, it’s important to set aside time to come together to: 

  • Create a shared vision and plan of action for your workplace giving campaign. 
  • Set goals.
  • Schedule and plan out events.
  • Communicate expectations.
  • Be sure everyone is aware of each other’s roles and how to access resources.

Tip #3 – Training
Assess your team’s understanding of your campaign, create ways to learn and share new insights, and ensure your colleagues are informed on best practices.  

One stop along your journey is our Employee Giving Hub. There are so many useful, turnkey resources available at your fingertips, especially our campaign training videos and quizzes. It’s your go-to source that’s always available and frequently updated.

Tip #4 – Thank Those Around You
As you wrap up your season, factor in how you will do your thanking. Consider planning a fun celebration to end the giving season on a high note, recognize your organization’s collective impact and the achievement of your goals.  

When you show appreciation, team members will remember that feeling at the end and will be more open to helping next year, and donors will be more excited to give again next year. 

Like growing a plant, using the right resources and investments will help your employee giving campaign bloom this year. Here’s the full recording if you want to dive deeper. We truly hope you find the information useful in helping you cultivate an impactful campaign that will continue to grow for years to come!