As I recently passed my one-year anniversary of working with Global Impact, I have reflected on how much information I’ve learned in such a short amount of time about critical humanitarian causes. Our charity partners that work on global causes create a vital, far-reaching impact worldwide, improving the quality of life for millions of people. Global Impact helps inspire greater giving by connecting the nearly 100 leading international charities in our Charity Alliance to donors through their workplace. Our services increase charity members’ visibility and representation in employee giving programs and help them raise important funding for their impactful work around the world. It has truly been a joy to share our Charity Alliance’s contributions to the world through my job every day, and I am excited to tell you about four new organizations that recently joined the alliance and their amazing work!

We recently welcomed Chiricahua Community Health Centers, Inc., Magis Americas, Outright International and UNRWA USA to our Charity Alliance.  Our Charity Alliance is comprised of the most reputable organizations, ensuring that your donation makes the most impact when you give to our members. Get to know each new charity below and use our workplace campaign search bar to see if these charities are included in your workplace giving campaign!

Chiricahua Community Health Centers, Inc.
CCHCI serves 30,000+ patients annually throughout 6,200 square miles of U.S./Mexico borderlands of Cochise County. Half of the patients provided health care by CCHCI do not have health care insurance, so the organization ensures that everyone in Cochise County receives the quality primary medical, behavioral health and dental care they need and deserve, regardless of the ability to pay.  

Find out more about their mission, work and the passion of their team in this short video:

Your support helps CCHCI continue their critical work to keep the community healthy.

Magis Americas
Magis Americas builds equitable societies by mobilizing support for Jesuit education, migration and ecology initiatives in the Global South. How do they accomplish this?

They collaborate with local Jesuit organizations to highlight the importance of quality and inclusive education by promoting programs that support individual and community involvement and ensuring governments fulfill their political obligations to education.

Magis Americas also partners with the Jesuit Migrant Network – LAC to highlight the needs of migrants across the Americas. Whether it be through collaboration with the greater network, or supporting specific projects in countries such as Brazil, Venezuela and Colombia, they are committed to accompanying migrants and working to ensure they are received with hospitality and compassion.

For ecology initiatives, Magis Americas has partnered with Jesuit Pan-Amazon Service since 2019, working together to highlight and promote the work being done by various actors in the Amazon region to protect the rights of indigenous peoples and communities, integrate ecological practices into education and accompany communities and local churches in their pastoral and community development needs.

See their mission up close in the video below:

Supporting Magis Americas contributes to lasting progress in the Global South.

Outright International
For 30 years, Outright International has been dedicated to working with partners around the globe to strengthen the capacity of the LGBTIQ human rights movement, document and amplify human rights violations against LGBTIQ people, and advocate for inclusion and equality. With staff in over a dozen countries, Outright works with the United Nations, regional human rights monitoring bodies and civil society partners. Outright holds consultative status at the United Nations where it serves as the secretariat of the UN LGBTI Core Group.

Education is a cornerstone of care in the LGBTIQ community. A donation of $50 prints 400 know-your-rights pamphlets for an LGBTIQ community center to distribute to its community.

Working as an independent nonprofit organization, UNRWA USA National Committee (known as UNRWA USA) supports the humanitarian work of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) through fundraising, advocacy, and community engagement in the United States. They lift up the voices, experiences and humanity of Palestine refugees to secure support for resources essential to every human being. Learn more about their work and they ways people in the United States can show support for Palestine refugees via UNRWA USA:

As you saw in the video, there are so many ways to get involved – with one easy example being a one-time or recurring gift of $50 to support an orphaned refugee in Gaza for one month.

We are excited to see what the future holds for our Charity Alliance with these valuable new additions.

You can help us give a warm welcome to these new members by supporting their work through your workplace giving campaign. Payroll pledges and volunteerism make giving at work convenient and collaborative. Also be sure to check if your campaign will match your donation, amplifying the impact of your gift!