Crossroads International adapts and bolsters fundraising and outreach efforts during COVID-19

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Charitable giving in Canada has decreased across provinces and territories over the past several years – and the U.S. has seen similar challenges. While there have been small increases year-over-year in the U.S., both countries are now encountering the devastating effects of the coronavirus pandemic in different public health and economic capacities. While the projections […]

Inside workplace giving – The importance of teamwork and the right tools

Inside workplace giving Part 2

Continued from part 1 – Inside workplace giving – Fostering philanthropic connections even while apart In 1998, Global Impact launched [email protected] to exercise our own best practices for workplace giving. To date, Global Impact employees have generously pledged over $1.2 million for local, national and international charities. In 2020 alone, with a pandemic sweeping the […]

Inside workplace giving – Fostering philanthropic connections even while apart

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As we adapt to the changing workplace, it is evident that organizations will need to find innovative tools to boost employee engagement and, in turn, increase morale. COVID-19 has forced most offices to go remote – leaving many employees feeling isolated. How do we empower employees to do their best and increase team engagement in […]