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The 2022 resolution you need to add to your list

Woman smiling with bags on her back and children in the background

It’s the new year, and our instinct to start drinking green smoothies and hitting the gym is kicking in. It’s the time of planning for the year ahead and thinking through how we want to invest our time, energy and money. Enter: New Year’s resolutions. Most of our resolutions tend to face inward and are […]

Developing a talent pipeline: How Global Impact can make fellowship programs work for you

Graphic of a hand holding a watering can watering two men and two women of different races that are standing in pots among plants.

Organizations often struggle with managing staff capacity and filling open positions thoughtfully and in a way that creates and maintains a steady stream of talent. A robust talent pipeline allows organizations to fill critical positions more quickly, equip staff to step into leadership roles, and bring new or historically underrepresented viewpoints into the mix. To […]

How workplace giving training can boost your professional development

Graphic of green, blue, purple, orange and yellow circles. Middle circle reads "Virtual Employee Giving Hub." Other circles have icons for world, people, messaging, ideas, and paperwork.

It’s easy to list the many fantastic benefits of employee giving campaigns: giving back to others, building connections with colleagues, meeting corporate social responsibility goals and creating a better work environment, just to name a few. They also provide staff an opportunity to develop new professional skill sets, like leadership development, tailoring messaging to different […]