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Around the World in 10 mins: Video Journey on Social Justice

Women and girls standing together with their fists in the air

In 2007 the United Nations General Assembly declared the World Day of Social Justice be commemorated annually on Feb. 20. COVID-19, in addition to conflict and climate change, has exacerbated the hardships vulnerable communities have faced these past two years, creating further imbalances in areas like health care, safety, housing, basic rights and more. In […]

9 tips for leading through challenging times

Graphic: Three people of different nationalities wearing suits climb a set of stairs, led by a man carrying a flag.

We are all tired. It has been an emotionally heavy year, and we are all exhausted. The capacity for the next challenge to cross our path is extremely slim. Even though personally I had some really amazing things happen last year, each one of them was filled with its own challenges that stole some of […]

A positive example of leadership during uncertain times

A keyboard, coffee cup and notebook that says "be kind."

Before I joined Global Impact, one of the things that attracted me to the organization was the deep commitment to driving charitable giving, supporting partners and clients, and empowering those who make the world a better place. My time at Global Impact has confirmed that all of those things are true, and since joining the […]

Combating a too-long neglected issue: Mental health

Children International logo over photo of a girl by a river

Until recent years, mental health has been a somewhat overlooked topic, especially in the international development sector. Whether due to positive or negative experiences, we all feel pressure or tension at different points of life. But individuals in developing countries often contend with additional factors – like violence and lack of access to mental health […]