Crisis Alert: Our leading humanitarian partners are on the ground providing critical services and more to survivors of the earthquake that struck Morocco. Donate to help a rapid response through the Morocco Earthquake Fund.

Creating a life free of violence and fear

IJM logo over photo of a girl looking out a window

International Justice Mission (IJM) envisions a world where vulnerable women and children are protected from violence and don’t have to worry about their future – a world where slavery is put to an end. Slavery is often thought of as something that took place in the past, but the system continues today in many different […]

Racial Equality: We have work to do.

Black Lives Matter

Global Impact was founded to help the world’s most vulnerable people. As such, we are passionate about promoting equality around the world. Through our work, we support many of the leading international charities in their missions to right injustices and alleviate poverty. This work includes improving health and education, reducing inequalities and economic empowerment. While […]