Global Impact was founded to help the world’s most vulnerable people. As such, we are passionate about promoting equality around the world. Through our work, we support many of the leading international charities in their missions to right injustices and alleviate poverty. This work includes improving health and education, reducing inequalities and economic empowerment.

While our global mission and vision remain, we have been taking the time to look inward at our organization as the recent and continued murders of Black lives have shed light on the structural racism that plagues our nation. For many years, Global Impact has worked to incorporate diversity and inclusion as a part of our culture, rather than emphasize it as its own special program. We are humbly realizing that this approach has room for growth, and we can and will do more internally to recognize our implicit biases and stand up for racial equality.

As a first step, we are acknowledging the need to shift from the assumption that inclusivity is innately part of our culture to intentionally leveling power imbalances, ensuring diversity and inclusivity with a focus on Black lives. As we begin this journey to better understand, address and represent diversity, we are putting the following mechanisms in place and taking the time to listen and learn, both within our organization and in the world around us:

  • We have created safe and inclusive spaces for all employees to be able to share their thoughts and experiences so that we can learn from one another.
  • We have established a diverse committee of staff to look closely at our organization and identify areas to strengthen our organizational approach to racial justice.
  • We are having conversations about what race, diversity and equality mean to us as an organization, how to build on those values, and how to carry them into the workplace daily.
  • We are consulting thought leaders in the space to bring an outside perspective to the way we approach this journey.
  • We are identifying partners to align with based on their work to promote racial equality.
  • We are planning to examine industry practices around grant-making, fundraising and marketing given our role as a philanthropic advisor.

Here’s the bottom line: We have work to do. However, we know the fight for racial justice is not just a moment in time. It needs to be a longstanding movement, and we are in it for the long haul, committed to doing the hard work until equality is truly realized.

We look forward to sharing more about our work on this journey in the future weeks and months as we glean insights, develop plans and take action.