“GivingTuesday is a global generosity movement unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and the world on December 3, 2019 and every day.” – GivingTuesday.org

With the holiday season also comes a great opportunity to give to some of your favorite causes. Giving Tuesday is today, Dec. 3, 2019! The purpose of Giving Tuesday, which was started in 2012, is simple – encourage people to do good and to give back. Giving Tuesday follows the biggest consumer holiday of the year, Black Friday, and is meant to serve as a reminder to give back during a time in which we might lean toward shopping for ourselves.

Global Impact is proud to have strong Charity Alliance participation on Giving Tuesday this year. Below is a list of some of our charity partners with specific activities for Giving Tuesday:

For Americares, Giving Tuesday is a time to promote philanthropy in general and show their donors the impact their gift can make. First, on Giving Tuesday, Americares is hosting a live Health at the Center call with Americares President and CEO, Michael J. Nyenhuis. Nyenhuis will present year-end results, describing in detail the impact that donors have made in 2019. Donors on the call can submit questions.

Americares is also hosting a volunteer kit assembly event at its 55,000 square-foot distribution center in Stamford, Connecticut, on Dec. 3. Throughout the day, about 100 volunteers will help pack thousands of emergency kits, which are distributed to disaster survivors all over the world — most recently in the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian. Online, Americares will be promoting an 8x match, allowing donors to multiply their gifts.

Amref Health Africa
All gifts made on Giving Tuesday to Fund Her Future will be matched. Amref Health Africa established a scholarship program to send girls at risk of female genital mutilation and child marriage to secondary school and empower them with advocacy training to become ambassadors against FGM and child marriage. The organization provides the girls with life skills training, reproductive health education, and training on convincing their families and peers to give up the harmful traditional practices. They also support girls with “dignity kits” – a backpack filled with essentials such as sanitary pads, towels, soap, a toothbrush and other items that help them to feel their best at school. Give to Amref Health Africa this Giving Tuesday season and you’ll help girls reach their limitless potential.

On Dec. 3, your gift will go 3x as far to help refugees live with well-being, dignity and hope. Facebook is matching all gifts made on Giving Tuesday, up to $100,000. Plus, a group of Anera donors will match all gifts up to $40,000. Can Anera count on you to help hope find a way? Giving Tuesday is one of Anera’s most important fundraising days of the year. Thanks to people like you, refugees can be helped in Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan through educational and livelihood advancement opportunities, access to clean water and delivery of life-saving medical supplies.

To celebrate Giving Tuesday, the PepsiCo Foundation has committed to TRIPLE match every gift made to CARE until midnight on Dec. 3. Your gift will have triple the impact in helping vulnerable girls and women, refugees, starving children and other families in crisis around the world. Help CARE reach the $150K goal and make a difference in the lives of women and girls around the world!

Children International
Lack of education. Unsafe environments. Little or no access to health care. This Giving Tuesday, you can help a child get the tools they need to overcome these challenges and break the cycle of poverty. Your gift makes a difference – and now through Dec. 31, Children International is matching all donations up to $100,000!

Bring the hope of future harvests to families! Seeds empower a family to help themselves. With ECHO’s seed packets, farmers can plant crops that produce higher yields or withstand dry conditions. The farmer can then multiply these seeds by sharing a successful new crop with his neighbor.

Be a part of lasting change! Turn Giving Tuesday into “Giving Seeds-day” because seeds have the power to change lives! Your gift to Giving Seeds-day will help families grow hope from the ground up. From now until Dec. 13th, a generous donor will match your Giving Seeds-day gifts up to $15,000.

For this special day of giving, ECPAT-USA is calling on their strongest supporters to partner with them in ending child trafficking in New York City and across the country. To celebrate and encourage generosity nationwide, Facebook will be matching donations for nonprofits in the U.S., including ECPAT-USA.

Fistula Foundation
This Giving Tuesday, all Fistula Foundation donations will go to support vital fistula care in Nepal. Many Nepali women live in isolated communities high in the mountains, with little access to maternal healthcare. Your gift can help reach every suffering woman, no matter how isolated she may be!

Food For The Poor
Food For The Poor’s Giving Tuesday fundraising goal is to raise enough funds in 48 hours to build 48 homes for destitute families in the countries where the charity serves. Food For The Poor joined the Giving Tuesday global movement eight years ago to bring awareness to the plight of poor. Through a matching gift challenge, donations that Food For The Poor receives toward housing, up to $750,000 by midnight on Dec. 3, will be doubled. Create a new tradition and support Food For The Poor’s Giving Tuesday initiative to help provide a suffering family with a safe and secure home.

5 children posing by sitting in front of a white sheet

Girl Scouts Overseas
USA Girl Scouts Overseas believes in the power of every G.I.R.L. (Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker and Leader)™ to change the world. Before women had the right to vote, Girl Scouts encouraged and taught girls how to lead, take action, and make their world a better place. USA Girl Scouts Overseas brings that same Girl Scout Leadership Experience to more than 80 countries where they encourage almost 10,000 girls and adults to step up with courage and confidence to advocate for their homes, schools, communities, and countries.

Health Volunteers Overseas
Your support allows Health Volunteers Overseas to make progress toward meeting their shared vision of a world where all people have access to high quality health care delivered by local health professionals. Making this vision a reality is what motivates HVO. And thanks to you and your involvement, they are making headway every day. On Giving Tuesday, your support will continue and expand this work.

Heifer International
Heifer International is tripling all donations today on Giving Tuesday, meaning your donation of a cow, goat or alpaca will be three cows, three goats or three alpacas!

Matthew 25: Ministries
Join M25M on Giving Tuesday to help provide food to the hungry, water to the thirsty, clothing to the naked, shelter to the homeless, and medical aid and humanitarian supplies to those in need. A $10 donation could ensure that approximately 250 bars of soap will make their way to people in need in the US and worldwide.

MAP International
Giving Tuesday is a day set aside to support those in need. For MAP International, it’s a day to remember those who are waiting for life-changing medicine.

Operation Blessing
This Giving Tuesday, help Operation Blessing reach their $28,000 goal and be the MIRACLE that someone is praying for. Someone like little 3-year-old Rosi from Peru. Rosi lives in the Ccapi Uros community on Lake Titicaca in the Peruvian highlands. In her village, children often lack basic nutrition, a problem that’s made worse by the high altitude. Rosi and many of her friends were severely anemic, hindering their development and causing a variety of health problems.

Then, faithful partners like you helped transform Rosi’s life when Operation Blessing arrived in her community. Thanks to friends like you, Operation Blessing renovated Rosi’s school, including insulating it against the harsh weather. Most importantly, however, your support is providing daily, protein-rich meals, along with iron supplements, for Rosi and the other children.

Rise Against Hunger
Unbox hope this Giving Tuesday with Rise Against Hunger. 820 million people across the world don’t receive enough nutrition to lead an active, healthy life. Let’s change that with a gift this Giving Tuesday. One $120 donation will provide one meal a day for 20 children for 20 days, increasing their school attendance and improving their future prospects.

Salvation Army World Service Organization
Every Christmas season, an army of bell ringers brave the cold winter weather to raise funds and bring awareness to The Salvation Army. This year, for the first time ever, The Salvation Army World Service Office is bringing you the opportunity to ring a bell from the warmth and comfort of your PC or mobile device, helping to fund education, livelihoods, disaster recovery, and anti-human trafficking efforts throughout the world.

Seed Programs International
Every dollar donated on Giving Tuesday is multiplied manifold by the hard work of gardeners who are reclaiming the power to provide for their own needs. $50 grows 5,000 vegetable servings. $500 provides a community with 1,400 packets of seeds, enough for 200 families to grow vegetables for much-needed nutrition, income, and self-sufficiency.

Muhamadu first noticed something was wrong with his son Muzi’s eyes about three years ago. Muhamadu managed to get hold of some eye drops from the local health centre in his village in Sokoto, Nigeria. In his heart he knew they weren’t helping, but he was desperate to do something – anything – to help his son. It’s vital that Sightsavers is able to reach children like Muzi, who live in hard-to-reach rural areas, and provide them with the sight-saving antibiotics and surgery they so urgently need. Trichiasis ruins lives, but with your support Sightsavers can help to end it. Will you help Sightsavers reach more children like Muzi by giving a gift this Giving Tuesday? $30 could distribute sight-saving antibiotics to 150 children.

A happy black child

Tostan Inc.
On this Giving Tuesday, join Tostan in working to help reach the 2030 SDGs as planned rather than six decades later. All gifts will be matched up to $250,000, with the potential of matching up to $500,000! Your support will reach 2,500 of the more than 10,000 women and youth – next generation leaders – in the first year alone.  They will then reach twice as many in their social networks. Every $200 plugs in one new leader in 2020.

Join UNICEF USA in their We Won’t Stop campaign on Giving Tuesday. The campaign highlights the unwavering persistence of UNICEF, the lengths that UNICEF and its staff will go to when helping children around the world and how you can take part.

Unitarian Universalist Service Committee
UUSC fosters eye-to-eye partnerships with grassroots organizations, human rights defenders, Unitarian Universalist congregations, and their members and activists. They recognize that service and justice go hand in hand—and to be truly successful, both immediate harms and root causes of injustice must be addressed. Your gift to UUSC this Giving Tuesday ensures support for their partners in a number of critical ways: bringing trauma healing to migrant families, developing immigrant protection networks for communities at risk, providing legal services for refugees, and so much more. Thank you for doing all that you can to contribute to UUSC’s global movement for human rights.

This Giving Tuesday, WaterAid has a big goal. WaterAid is building a water treatment facility and piped water network for a community of 12,000 people in Madagascar. And WaterAid is happy to announce that they will be doubling all donations on Giving Tuesday!

Women for Women International
Don’t underestimate the power of investing in the potential of women. Donate to Women for Women International this Giving Tuesday to help create safe spaces women survivors of war, places where they can learn about gender equality, their rights, and decision making.

World Vision
This Giving Tuesday, World Vision is partnering with Thirty-One Gifts to help communities around the world with items to support new moms, deliver medical supplies, and keep girls in school.  Any gift given to World Vision on Dec. 3* will be matched to give kids a future full of choices and empower more communities. *Up to $1 million.

The impact that is made on Giving Tuesday is immense and the campaigns led by our charity partners are an example of just how far that impact can reach. Please spend some time this Giving Tuesday to give back and learn more about the work that some of our charity partners are doing. In this season of giving thanks, thinking about others and reflecting on how we can help those in need spreads the feeling of perpetual hope during the holiday season.