COVID-19 has changed every aspect of professional life, necessitating companies to pivot operations and communication structures to meet the changing needs of their workforce. Whether teams are suddenly working remote or continuing essential services during this pandemic, employee engagement is more important than ever; employees need to feel connected to their work and with their colleagues. And the data backs this up. Highly engaged teams are 21% more profitable, employees are 57% less likely to leave a job if they feel connected at work, and employees who feel heard are 4.6 times more likely to “feel empowered to perform their best work.”

With campaign season on the horizon, it’s a great time to think about how workplace giving campaigns can foster these connections. While some companies have offered virtual campaigns for quite some time, many organizations and teams will be making the shift to an entirely virtual campaign for the first time. Global Impact is here to help make that transition smooth, simple, and affordable.

Global Impact’s team of employee giving and engagement experts can design a virtual workplace giving campaign that meets the needs of your employees and aligns with your philanthropic goals. We will we be launching a Virtual Employee Giving Hub to respond to this year’s unique campaign season, which will house resources to help you run a successful campaign.

Below are just some of the ways our Virtual Employee Giving Hub will help you achieve your campaign goals this season.

Supporting campaign workers
A successful campaign starts with strong campaign managers and volunteers. The hub provides guidance to help campaign leaders identify and organize their role in the campaign, especially with the shift to a virtual campaign environment. There are a number of unique trainings to help them maximize the campaign season including:

  • Creating a campaign communication plan and calendar
  • Building an online community of volunteers and givers
  • Planning strategic virtual events
  • And so much more!

Global Impact offers turnkey workplace giving opportunities that campaign managers can leverage throughout the season. We supply thematically packaged materials for employees to engage in the cause areas they care about the most, such as increasing access to quality education, enhancing and improving global health, ending hunger, and more. Campaign managers will also have access to a variety of specialized observance day toolkits to build a year-round calendar of engagement events and giving opportunities.

Connecting to charities
Global Impact is here to support you in sharing the important causes and impactful work of the nonprofit sector. Whether you are in need of a charity speaker, virtual lunch and learn, at-home volunteer projects or a virtual tour of the charity’s program – we are here to connect you with our Charity Alliance.

While our Charity Alliance mainly supports global causes, we understand that your employees care about a variety of causes – including those that support their own home communities. To connect your employees to a broader range of charities and the causes they support, Global Impact developed a Virtual Charity Fair platform. This technology solution can showcase success stories, photos, and videos from charities around the world, and it can be hosted right on your company’s website for easy employee access! Content can be automatically updated and added per an established schedule, and search filters will help employees find the cause area or regional focus they care about the most. This offers an easy way to promote content from participating charities and visualize the great work they do. This solution can be completely customized and ranges in price based on those customizations.

Designing and managing campaigns
Let us share what works to truly engage employees and inspire greater giving in the workplace. Our hub can help you design campaign strategies that apply a variety of engagement tools to ensure your campaign is smooth and successful. Whether that’s consulting on your current event strategy and adapting to a virtual environment or building something from scratch, Global Impact is here to support your goals. We offer benchmark assessments on your current employee giving platform and can build a complete marketing plan and strategic framework to reach employees and share their impact externally.

Our decades of experience have taught us that the more engaged employees feel, the more likely they are to give – we can help you foster that feeling of connection for your employees.

Whatever your campaign needs are this season, Global Impact is here to help. Whether you wish to align your giving options to reflect employee diversity and interests or you would like to expand your corporate social responsibility footprint, we are ready to deliver the tools, strategy and insights to engage employees and maximize your impact around the world. Reach out to us at [email protected] to start the conversation.