We often get questions from our charity partners about workplace giving communication rules and best practices when it comes to reaching employee giving donors. It’s admittedly a tricky audience – some campaigns regulate when and how you can connect with donors during the year and workplace donors can’t always be treated the same as an individual donor would.

Regardless of the regulations and limitations, donors want to see their impact and be acknowledged for their gift. Critically, some of these donors may not even be properly thanked if charities aren’t reaching out directly. This is an important opportunity for charities to cultivate workplace donors year over year by incorporating a strategy that follows campaign guidelines and works for their team.

With all this in mind, we published a revamped Donor Communication Toolkit exclusively for our Charity Alliance members that includes new resources and clear guidance so our partners can make 2022 the year to level up outreach to this audience. Explore these new resources and get some initial insight into reaching workplace donors:

Build a Custom To-Do List: Workplace Giving Communication Checklist
This is the resource we’re most excited about at Global Impact! This is a step-by-step checklist that helps our charities incorporate their current communication strategies and systems to engage with a workplace audience.

Charities have different capacity levels and are at different stages in their donor communications, so the checklist is meant to be a helpful resource for teams to identify advancement opportunities that are right for them.

Captivate your Audience: Workplace Giving Messaging Guide
Because each sector has different donation processes and regulations, it’s important to confirm that the messages you’re using applies to the donor you’re trying to reach. We’ve provided general messaging to use with all donors as you advocate for your mission. We also provided customized messaging by donor audience to ensure relevancy in all of your communications.

Say Thanks: Acknowledging Workplace Donors
Get tips for timing your outreach and a breakdown of the different audiences you’ll be communicating with. Review the rules for campaign communication (where applicable) and suggestions to help you and your team stay on top of this process.

Promote Your Organization: Workplace Giving for Social Media and Websites
Sometimes it’s helpful to see peer examples, so we’ve pulled together examples in two of our new resources – see what social media outreach can look like and how charities are incorporating workplace giving language on their websites.

Explore The Toolkit
Are you a member of our Charity Alliance? Your Relationship Manager can send you the Donor Communication Toolkit and the other resources that are included with your membership.

When you join Global Impact’s Charity Alliance, you automatically gain access to a hub of resources that make it easy to develop employee giving strategies and maximize your involvement in workplace giving campaigns year-round. It’s housed in a one-stop-shop where materials are always available and updated regularly.

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