Earlier this week, Global Impact was featured in Philanthropy University’s recurring guest blog series. You can read a portion of the blog below, or read the full article as it originally appeared on philanthropyu.org.

During this giving season, Global Impact and some of its charity and corporate partners, including Philanthropy University, are putting the spotlight on global philanthropy with the launch of the “Why #GiveGlobal?” campaign. Giving globally has a vital, far-reaching impact on reducing poverty, improving health, boosting economies and helping create a better world. Much progress is being made already, but even more individual and private sector philanthropy is needed if we are to achieve the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.

There are three main ways that all individuals can increase their social impact and help achieve the SDGs: donating, advocating and volunteering.

Effectively donate
Donating is often one of the first things that comes to most people’s minds when they think of philanthropy. Donating even a small amount can have a huge impact on the lives of others—for example, less than $10 a month provides one woman with seed money to start her very own business.

Global Impact has three ways you can get the most out of every dollar:

  • Give to one of Global Impact’s charity partners to advance their impact around the globe.
  • Give to one of Global Impact’s High Impact Funds, a simple way to give to critical humanitarian issues by theme or geographic region, or donate to one of our active disaster relief efforts.
  • Open a Growfund account. Growfund is Global Impact’s no minimum contribution donor-advised fund (DAF) that operates like your own personal foundation—helping you donate strategically and with more impact.

Speak up and advocate
Being an advocate is about being positive and getting the word out. There are many important global issues—from the need for clean water to the importance of investing in women and girls—the general public doesn’t hear enough about and would love to support if they were only more aware. Here are a few easy ways to make an impact on the global causes you care about through advocacy:

  • Share with family, friends and on your social media profiles. Remember to use hashtags, such as #GiveGlobal, to increase the visibility of your posts.
  • Write or call your elected officials to voice your opinion regarding issues that are important to you.
  • Host a movie night to educate friends and family – See some example movies to screen.