On March 11, 2020, nearly two months after announcing a global health emergency, the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic. Caused by the virus SARS-CoV-2, the disease originated in China and has spread to every continent except Antarctica.

With this disease being so widespread and an increasing number of cases being detected all around the world, companies are challenged with how to prepare within the workplace and faced with increasing demands to support response efforts and the needs of their own employees.

Hilton, one of the largest global hospitality companies, asked themselves these questions. With more than 6,100 properties around the world in 119 countries and territories, they, along with the Hilton Effect Foundation, knew they needed to do something. In less than a week, Global Impact assisted them in executing a coordinated response. The organizations partnered to:

  • Facilitate a contribution to Project HOPE, to support on-the-ground response efforts.
  • Establish a customized donation platform to enable Team Members around the world to support Project HOPE and – most importantly – support fellow Team Members suffering financial burden from the disease’s spread.
  • Launch a coronavirus-specific Employee Assistance platform to facilitate requests for assistance from Hilton Team Members around the world.

Is your company grappling with these questions?

  1. Which nonprofits are providing relief efforts around the world? How can we easily support these organizations? What impact can our company have?
  2. What are ways our employees around the world can get involved? 
  3. How can we support our employees who are impacted by the spread of the disease? 

If you are having any of these concerns, you are not alone. Global Impact has several easily executed options for you and your employees to get involved and make a difference for those most affected by the outbreak:

  1. Develop a customized turnkey emergency response fund. Through Global Impact’s emergency response program, your company can respond rapidly and effectively to COVID-19. Global Impact can set you up with an easy solution for donating to emergency relief efforts through workplace campaigns, signature campaigns and matching gift programs.Not ready to set up a whole fund? Not a problem! By working with our network of more than 100 leading international charities, Global Impact has a Coronavirus Outbreak Emergency Relief Fund set up and ready for you to use. The funds will be distributed to nonprofits on the ground providing vital support to health care workers, delivering essential supplies and strengthening health systems to prevent the spread of the disease.

    Global Impact can also facilitate a one-time distribution if you already have a nonprofit partner in mind. Vetting is conducted to ensure they are in good standing and to ensure your company is making meaningful impact where it is needed most.

  2. Launch an employee assistance program.  Overwhelmingly, companies are asking how they can support their colleagues in the aftermath of disasters, but what about slow onset disasters or other personal hardships?By establishing an employee assistance program with Global Impact, employees can easily support their colleagues, in the U.S. and around the world, who face unexpected financial burden brought on by natural disasters like hurricanes, personal hardships such as home fires, and slow onset disasters, like the outbreak of COVID-19. With Global Impact, you can easily launch a customized, online employee assistance program to facilitate requests for assistance from employees and seamlessly distribute funding to those impacted through their regular payroll process.
  3. Support the Disaster Relief and Resiliency High Impact Fund. Global Impact has developed thematic high impact funds as a way for corporations and employees to give to critical humanitarian issues. Global Impact’s Disaster Relief and Resiliency Fund is specifically focused on key themes essential to combat humanitarian crisis and launch a coordinated response effort between best-in-the-business, international organizations providing emergency funding. By joining the fund you can support not just one, but four leading charities in their response efforts. Your company’s contributions will go directly to supporting real and meaningful work, such as recovery efforts, medical support and supplies to improve the lives of those affected by disaster.For corporations, high impact funds can accompany a traditional workplace giving campaign, offering a focused, turnkey solution for corporations to boost CSR efforts and foster employee engagement. The fund can be branded for your company, and our team offers marketing advice and guidance on implementation.

Interested in discussing how Global Impact can support your company’s response to COVID-19 or other emergency response efforts? Contact Catherine to learn more.