Updated April 13, 2020

Co-Creation is an iterative, equitable process that removes barriers for all actors to meaningfully contribute their knowledge and resources to achieve positive sustainable and scalable solutions. While it takes hard work, involving multiple stakeholders at every stage with an equitable mindset can produce lasting results each party would not have been able to attempt on their own.

Learn more about co-creation from the following resources:

BLOG POST: Finding Hope in the Coronavirus Crisis
By: Doug Balfour
April 28, 2020
Learn how the world’s response to COVID-19 is spotlighting the power of co-creation in tackling major global issues. 

BLOG POST: Who’s Got the Power?
By: Doug Balfour
April 13, 2020
Learn how to address the awkward question of power to maximize success in your co-creation efforts. 

WEBINAR: Co-Creation and Corporate Philanthropy: Key Ingredients for Impact
By: Doug Balfour, Brittany Craig, Amanda Meyer
March 24, 2020
Listen to a discussion on co-creation and how it can support corporate philanthropy goals and learn how to engage key stakeholders to ensure your company maximizes its social impact.

BLOG POST: Four Crucial Questions in Green-Lighting Co-Creation
By: Doug Balfour
Feb. 25, 2020
Weigh whether to risk big-impact change by digging into four questions around co-creation methodology. 

BLOG POST: Is Co-Creation Always the Answer to Major Problems? 
By: Doug Balfour
Jan. 23, 2020
Discover the mindset and seven key elements an organization needs to have in hand if it wants to pursue the idea of co-creation. 

ARTICLE: Co-Creating social impact programs for improved development outcomes
By: Doug Balfour, Scott Jackson and Amanda Meyer
Learn about the different types of co-creation relationships, which has the potential to dramatically enhance the achievement of philanthropic, business and programmatic goals. This article was first published by Devex on Nov.11, 2019.

BLOG POST: Co-Creation: The Key to True Lasting Change
By: Doug Balfour
Nov. 7, 2019
Read about the history and facts of co-creation as well as how a true equitable mindset with co-creation can be one of the best ways to effect significant, long-lasting change.

Our team specializes in facilitating co-creation and we’d love to talk to you about what how your organization can use co-creation to accomplish challenging goals for lasting impact.