A campaign that addresses the needs and interests of all employees can help engage everyone, meet corporate social responsibility goals and battle the ‘great resignation’ of 2021.

Connect your diversity, equity and inclusion principles with your workplace giving campaign this year. It’s a great way to increase participation in the campaign while building a more inclusive space for colleagues.

Regardless of where you find yourself in this process, we have resources to help – check out our suggestions below and access everything in the Employee Giving Hub. It’s free and always available to support your employee engagement strategies!

For the busy professional: A summary 
Under “Employee Engagement Tools,” our hub offers a “Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace Giving Campaign” handout that covers the basics so you can hit the ground running. Recruitment, training, outreach and charity representation are all highlighted along with follow up resources for you to explore. This is the place to start if you haven’t spent much time thinking about how to diversify your campaign or are mid-campaign and want to get a quick snapshot of changes you can make.

Tip: As part of your campaign planning, assess your workplace giving committees and leadership to make sure they best represent your workforce. Create a matrix of the priority skills, location and department representation to inform your targeted recruitment plan.

For those looking to do a deep dive: Formal trainings
You’ve spent time thinking about DEI work and are ready to apply it to your campaign. Or maybe you looked through the summary and want more. Our “Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace Giving Campaign” training and presentation slides are always available on the hub for you to use and share with colleagues. There’s a checklist and more resources to explore, plus a quiz to test your understanding of the materials. Watch the training to get started:

For groups: Employee resource group materials
Whether you’re on a diversity team or participate in an employee resource group – or you’re looking to start one with your colleagues – this is a great opportunity to sync up with your employee giving campaign. Employees can give to causes and charities that resonate with their personal experiences, and featuring these discussions for everyone who participates the campaign helps further your organization’s efforts to build an inclusive space for all.

Explore materials such as:

And for the over-achiever who wants to use it all? 
Access all these resources (and more!) in our Employee Giving Hub. The Hub is always up to date with the latest campaign resources and materials you need as an employee engagement or CSR professional.

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