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Hosted by Global Impact

WEBINAR | How to Engage Employees During the Great Resignation
 March 9, 2022
Topic: Keeping employees happy in “normal” times isn’t always easy – then throw in a global pandemic, generational shifts in the workforce and overall changes in work environments. Join Global Impact and our incredible guests, like Cisco and PepsiCo, to learn about innovative solutions that increase the diversity of your employee engagement program; build community within the workplace; and boost participation, engagement, and satisfaction.

WEBINAR | Women & Girls Conversation with World Vision and Plan International USA
Oct. 28, 2021
Topic: Women and girls are disproportionately affected by poverty, making them more vulnerable to emergencies like those in Afghanistan, Ethiopia and Haiti. Investing in charities that fight for women and girls in places like these is a critical step to achieving economic equality for all. Join us for a conversation with World Vision and Plan International USA to talk more about how they’re tackling this issue.

WEBINAR | Tools for Leading a Successful Employee Giving Campaign
Date: Aug. 26, 2021
Topic: As your workplace continues to navigate returning to the office and engaging employees in both virtual and in-person contexts, we want to help you inspire employee satisfaction and greater giving.

WEBINAR | Event fundraising in a changing environment: A conversation with Global Impact and Garwood Events
March 25, 2021
Topic: Together, Global Impact and Garwood Events have supported dozens of organizations as they have adapted to the new normal of fundraising in the virtual space, and we look forward to a conversation to share insights from the past year and predictions and recommendations for the year ahead.

WEBINAR | How your company can inspire employees with a purpose mindset 
Feb. 24, 2021
Topic: Learn how to engage your employees to boost social impact with a purpose mindset. Featuring: Scott Jackson (president and CEO, Global Impact), Veena Jayadeva (head of CSR, Guardian Life, Global Impact Board member), Akhtar Badshah (author, “Purpose Mindset” and former head of CSR Microsoft).

WEBINAR | Leadership conversation between Scott Jackson and Charles Owubah highlighting Action Against Hunger’s COVID-19 response
June 17, 2020
Topic: Learn about Action Against Hunger's rapid response to COVID-19 and examine their strategies and fundraising solutions. Featuring: Scott Jackson (president and CEO, Global Impact), Dr. Charles Owubah (CEO, Action Against Hunger).

WEBINAR | Engaging employees during COVID-19
 April 23, 2020 
Topic: During these difficult and uncertain times, one thing is for sure: communities and workplaces are coming together to support those in need. Companies are working to navigate how to respond with care to employees and consumers, in addition to offering relief and innovating to support the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn how to engage employees during these uncertain times and encourage them to #StayInStepUp​. Featuring: Brittany Craig (senior director of campaign engagement, Global Impact), Kim Gube (Global Impact).

WEBINAR | #GivingTuesdayNow – charity resources
 April 17, 2020 
Topic: Learn about engaging your employees during COVID-19 - topics include #GivingTuesdayNow​ 2020, developing an Employee Assistance Program and more.

WEBINAR | Launching an Employee Assistance Program
March 25, 2020
Topic: Learn the answers to all your questions on the capabilities of our Employee Assistance Program platform, including how we can support the quick launch and implementation of an employee assistance program to help your staff in the U.S. and around the world. Featuring Kathleen Lowenthal (vice president, Global Impact), Catherine Linskey (senior manager, Global Impact).

WEBINAR | Co-creation and corporate philanthropy: Key ingredients for impact
: March 24, 2020 
Topic: Learn the ins and outs of co-creation, then dive into what it could mean for your corporate social responsibility program and increasing your social impact. Featuring: Doug Balfour (senior advisor, Global Impact, former owner and CEO of Geneva Global), Amanda Meyer (senior director, Global Impact), Brittany Craig (managing director of campaign engagement, Global Impact).

Participation by Global Impact

WEBINAR | Guardian Life | CSR 101: Unlocking business value through corporate social responsibility
April 7, 2021
Topic: Learn how to make sure that your CSR efforts create an impact. Featuring: Brittany Craig (managing director of campaign engagement, Global Impact), Veena Jayadeva (Guardian Life; Board member, Global Impact).

WEBINAR | BlackBaud | Utilizing the Global Goals mapping tool 
Feb. 18, 2021
Topic: Explore the ultimate giving and volunteerism resource for companies seeking to influence achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. Tune in to learn how your organization can bolster its social impact. Featuring: Matt Gembecki (Global Impact), Blackbaud, Candid, Council on Foundations.

WEBINAR | ONE HUNDRED | Forging Forward | Strategic globalization and impact on human needs, featuring Scott Jackson
June 25, 2020
Topic: Strategic globalization and its impact on human needs. Featuring: Scott Jackson (president and CEO, Global Impact), Brian Crimmins (global managing partner, ONE HUNDRED; CEO, Changing Our World), Lauren Bradford (senior director of global partnerships, Candid), Justin van Fleet (president, TheirWorld), Dr. Ashwin Vasan (CEO, Fountain House). 

INTERVIEW | Forum ONE | Q&A with Global Impact’s Scott Jackson
June 18, 2020
Topic: Key insights on philanthropy during COVID-19. Featuring: Scott Jackson (president and CEO, Global Impact), Chris Wolz (CEO, Forum One).

PODCAST | Marketing for Good | Scott Jackson: Finding the charity within
June 15, 2020
Topic: This episode of Marketing for Good covers finding the charity within, the COVID-19 lens, the rise of donor advised funds and more. Featuring: Scott Jackson (president and CEO, Global Impact).

INTERVIEW | Fintech | Making a Global Impact 
June 2, 2020
Topic: This interview led by Fintech host Vince Molinari covers engaging for-profit partners, SDG #17 and more. Featuring: Scott Jackson (president and CEO, Global Impact).

INTERVIEW | Ideagen | KPMG's Anita Whitehead with Global Impact President and CEO Scott Jackson
 April 15, 2020 
Topic: KPMG's Anita Whitehead guest-hosted an interview on Ideagen TV and talked COVID-19 response. Featuring: Scott Jackson (president and CEO, Global Impact), Anita Whitehead (principal, KPMG).

WEBINAR | The Charity Charge Show | COVID-19 and nonprofits featuring Scott Jackson
 March 25, 2020 
Topic: Episode 38 of Charity Charge's podcast discusses leading a nonprofit in the time of COVID-19. Featuring: Scott Jackson (president and CEO, Global Impact).



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