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Employee Assistance Programs

Is your company equipped to assist employees in their time of need? Do you have a program in place with established guidelines and procedures to follow?

Whether it is a natural disaster or personal hardship, such as the sudden illness of a family member, your employees look to you for help during challenging times. 

Global Impact can help you quickly launch an Employee Assistance Program to support your employees through a variety of obstacles. 

An Employee Assistance Program, or Hardship Program, is a one-stop solution to meet a host of challenges that affect the lives of your employees and the health of your business:

  •  Employees know you have a program to support staff during times of need.
  •  Your program can offer the same level of support to employees both in the U.S. and around the world.
  •  Employees can make tax-deductible contributions to support colleagues affected by disaster or personal hardship.


  •  You can offer a company match when a situation impacts a large number of employees.
  •  Funds reach employees in need quickly and seamlessly and are tax free.
  •  You feel confident that your program is not running afoul of any tax, legal or compliance laws
To learn more about EAPs, see our list of Frequently Asked Questions

Global Impact’s Approach to Employee Assistance Programs 


Program Assessment and Recommendations

Assess the needs of your company, any pain points you are experiencing, and your existing program, then make recommendations for your company’s Employee Assistance Program


Launch Online Portal

Establish a custom-branded and tailored portal to meet your company’s unique needs and facilitate requests for assistance from employees


Develop Donation Platform

Create a platform, aligned with your branding, to facilitate online, tax-deductible gifts from employees in the U.S. and around the world (if needed)


Process Donations

Launch new campaign pages for each disaster or hardship instance for which you would like to accept employee contributions (if needed)


Administration of your Employee Assistance Program

Global Impact will review each request for assistance and render decisions based on the program guidelines developed for your company (if needed)


Disburse Grants to Employees

Issue tax-free grants to your employees who are experiencing hardship

Let's Talk

Global Impact’s employee assistance programming is a natural extension of our mission to grow global philanthropy and support those most vulnerable in our society. Our team is passionate about this work and will happily answer questions about how to make this work for your company.

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