Prison Fellowship International (PFI) provides direct services to children of prisoners, a population that often falls through the cracks of other child-focused organizations. Through PFI’s reputable and enduring in-prison programming around the world, we engage with incarcerated men and women on a regular basis. This enables PFI to locate and provide services to children of prisoners in a way no other organization can.

A child of a prisoner is 5-10 times more likely to repeat the cycle of crime, unless someone intervenes. PFI intervenes through one of our signature programs, The Child’s Journey.

The Child’s Journey is a comprehensive, community- and family-based care program designed to address the needs of this vulnerable population. Since program launch in 2013, we have served more than 10,000 children of prisoners, ensuring they receive four essential supports: education, safety, health and spiritual engagement. The program is focused in six countries: Cambodia, Colombia, Malawi, Rwanda, Togo and Zambia.

Cristian is a caseworker in Colombia who monitors children and families in our program through home visits. Learn more about PFI protecting children of prisoners around the world here