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Our work in the Americas focuses primarily on the Caribbean, where activists are successfully dismantling discriminatory laws and policies. Since 2016, courts in Antigua and Barbuda, St. Kitts and Nevis, Belize, and Trinidad and Tobago have overturned colonial “buggery” laws, and civil society organizations and individuals have launched legal challenges to such laws in St. Vincent & Grenadines, Jamaica, Barbados, and Dominica, as well as at the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. Outright continues to support Caribbean civil society efforts to decriminalize same-sex relations and promote the development of legal gender recognition polices through advocacy at national, regional and international levels. Outright supported the registration and organizational development of the region’s first transgender network. Outright also works with Caribbean activists to tackle gender-based violence, challenging deeply ingrained and outdated expectations of gender roles which lead to violence against those who do not fit the narrow parameters and training service providers on LGBTIQ inclusive services.