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Life has been very challenging for Comfort. With only a very basic level education she was orphaned after both her mother and father died. This made life very difficult and caused her to enter into a relationship with a man who fathered her children, but then abandoned all responsibilities and left. On her own with children to care for, her only option was to try to make a living from her parents’ cocoa farm.

After joining the Digital Farming initiative, known locally as the Farm Development Plan (FDP), everything changed. “Honestly I did not have ideas on best agricultural practices, so I was just engaging in the farm activities anyhow. But when I joined FDP, I have seen a significant change in how I carry out my farming activities….”

Now, her children have someone to look up to. She has been able to invest the money from farming in other businesses such as a Cold store, and a small stall selling rice and Banku to town folks. “What I am proud of is that I have money through cocoa farming to cater to my children’s education, says Comfort.

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