Crisis Alert: Our charities are responding to the catastrophic earthquakes that hit Turkey, Syria and surrounding areas. Provide urgent funding to support their work.

In Sudan, the work of our 1,000-strong is all about strengthening communities. That includes investing in healthcare infrastructure and ensuring that people who live in some of the most remote, hard to reach areas still have access to clean, safe drinking water. It also includes making sure that Sudanese children have a healthy start with our nutrition programs, and working with communities to build peace, social cohesion and economic development. Our teams in East Sudan are also providing lifesaving services to some 200,000 refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers. Driven by the belief that we can unleash abundance in even the scarcest of places, Alight applies a co-creation approach with the government, partners, donors, and the people and communities we serve to co-design solutions to some of today’s most pressing humanitarian and development challenges. Alight is grateful to the Government of Sudan and all our partners, that we can continue to respond to the needs of internally displaced people, host communities, and those who seek refuge here.