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The movement for clean water

A child drinking water out of the faucet

This month, Global Impact is featuring charities that are working to provide safe water and sanitation services around the globe.

5 ways World Vision’s water work makes a splash

Child using World Vision's water pump to splash their face

For impoverished children, access to clean water not only restores health but also opens doors to educational opportunities and a future to pursue their God-given potential. For more than three decades, World Vision has worked in water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH), originally starting with small water projects. Today, World Vision is reaching one new person […]

WORLD VISION: Racing against the spread of hunger in East Africa

Racing against the spread of hunger in East Africa

A fight against the spread of hunger is underway across East Africa, where 32.9 million people are experiencing a complex hunger crisis driven by conflict, the economic impacts of the global pandemic, swarms of desert locusts, and extreme weather conditions. According to the United Nations, at least 5.3 million people in Ethiopia, South Sudan, and […]

WORLD VISION: Relief supplies given “with love” to family in need

Ahni stands next to a table filled with supplies

WRITTEN BY: Laura Reinhardt / World Vision Single mom Chabeli Gonzalez returned from her errand to find a message waiting on her answering machine. It came from the local school district inviting her to a distribution of food, cleaning supplies, and school supplies at a nearby church, New Dimension Christian Center in Hartford, Connecticut. She […]

WORLD VISION: 4 ways World Vision tackles poverty in the United States

Volunteers at World Vision's North Texas warehouse

Written by: Chris Huber/World Vision At World Vision, we are called to serve the most vulnerable children and their communities around the world, including right here in the United States. And we do it by engaging churches and organizations and providing a way for manufacturers and businesses to share excess resources with people struggling with […]

WORLD VISION: Cheru’s Kenyan community after receiving clean water

‘-Written By: Kathryn Reid – March 21, 2019 Cheru’s Kenyan community is awash in hope after receiving clean water Cheru’s Kenyan community is awash in hope after receiving clean water Morning dawns on the steep, densely wooded hillside where crystal-clear water bubbles from a spring. Sixteen kilometers (nearly 10 miles) away in the lowlands, Cheru […]