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TOSTAN INC.: Khalidou Sy

Khalidou Sy

Khalidou started his career as a Tostan Facilitator in Medina Yoro Foulah, in the Kolda region of Senegal, at the beginning phases of Tostan. He was continuously promoted over the years and after 16 years, he was chosen to be the National Coordinator for Tostan Senegal. However in 2014, he was elected Mayor of the […]

TOSTAN INC.: Shifting social norms in southwest Ethiopia

Lale Labuko, founder of Omo Hope

“My experience at the Tostan Training Center was extremely insightful,” says Lale Labuko, “and greatly impacted my way of thinking and leading, as well as the course of action at Omo Hope. It helped me to see a different approach to solving our current challenges. Rather than focusing on ending mingi, we have expanded to […]

TOSTAN INC.: Dieynaba Kane, former cutter turned advocate for abandonment

Dieynaba Kane is a vocal advocate for the abandonment of female genital cutting (FGC), a practice whose painful consequences she knows better than most, having undergone it herself and having, by her own count, performed it on at least 100 girls over a period of nearly 20 years. Born in 1955 in the Fouta, a […]