The role of hunger during times of disaster

Children smiling with plates of food

Recently, with every new year it feels like we have been stuck in that TikTok trend, “hold my beer,” with each new year trying to top its predecessor and be more eventful than the last. And, as much as we wish it were different, 2022 is proving to be another difficult year. We continue to […]

RISE AGAINST HUNGER: Resiliency in Timor-Leste

An indian male and 3 children staring at the camera while standing in front of the white tents

In 2021 as disruptions due to the pandemic continued to impact the people we serve, Rise Against Hunger implemented the 2021 COVID-19 Relief & Resilience Plan to bolster and sustain one of our key priorities–Nourishing Lives through Local Food Procurement. Funds for Local or regional procurement of food commodities were provided to our impact partners […]

RISE AGAINST HUNGER: Ibrahima is Growing Opportunity Through Community Gardening

Growing Opportunity in Senegal

Rise Against Hunger currently implements Empowering Communities projects with partners in five countries, supporting sustainable solutions to address global hunger and uplift communities for years to come. In Senegal, the Leveraging Agriculture to Unite Communities and Hospitals (LAUNCH) project, implemented in partnership with Development in Gardening (DIG), works to improve food security and generate local […]

Establishing food security, economic stability during a pandemic

A beneficiary working in the Good Food Grocer farm in the Philippines.

Back in December, well before COVID-19 had taken a firm hold on the world, our numbers showed that more than 820 million people suffered from hunger. And now, according to the United Nations, that number is set to double because of the pandemic. The pandemic is, primarily, a global health issue. So why is it […]


For Jean, age 6, life without running water and electricity is a daily reality in Tremesse, Haiti. Her father, a farmer, struggles to earn enough income as a farmer, and most days only bring one meal of limited greens. Unfortunately, this is the norm for many children in Jean’s community as most come from families […]