PACT: Kozo Girls, a Pact pilot in Zambia, comes into its own

It began with a problem – two problems, actually. The first was a phenomenon known as menstrual absenteeism. It means that lots of girls and young women who are affected by poverty miss school during their periods. They can’t afford proper sanitary towels, so they instead turn to scraps of old fabric or mattress foam, […]

PACT: A family in South Africa thrives

Lerato meets with GCBS social worker Thando Ngeleka.

Lerato hasn’t had an easy life. After Lerato contracted HIV from her husband, her sister died of AIDS at the age of 30. In addition to raising her own two children, who are HIV-negative, Lerato cares for the three children her sister left behind, two boys now 13 and 16 and an 11-year-old girl. All […]

PACT: Fighting Covid-19 disinformation

The May 2020 cover of VoxUkraine's Covid-19 Digest.

Drink a soda to prevent coronavirus. Wearing a face mask during hot summer days is prohibited. 5G mobile networks increase one’s likelihood of contracting Covid-19. These are just a few of the many mindboggling pieces of misinformation that pass through the desks of VoxUkraine’s office in any given week. And as outlandish and even amusing […]