HEIFER INTERNATIONAL: Tomato Farmers See Massive Growth

East African Youth Inclusion

When the East African Youth Inclusion project formed the Zirobwe Kalagala hub in Uganda, Mpiima Mohamed joined of one of the hub’s beneficiary groups, Situka Youth Development. Before joining, Mohamed had dropped out of high school because his parents couldn’t afford his education. He began engaging in small-scale tomato farming on his family’s land. While […]

Working with the land: On the ground at Heifer Ranch

Heifer International logo over a photo of two girls holding goats

Ever since moving to Memphis, I’ve dreamed of visiting the Heifer International facilities, especially the Heifer Village and Urban Farm. Little Rock is only a couple hours away by car, and the charity’s work has always interested me. (I got my start in the nonprofit world working with the national parks, so I really value […]


Maria escaped an abusive upbringing and an abusive relationship, and she was left with nothing to support herself and her two children. Maria’s story could have been a sad one. The many challenges she has faced could have robbed her of joy and happiness, but instead she chose to persevere. She decided to go to […]

9 reasons Heifer International will save our world

girl holding goat

Heifer International is focused on long-term solutions and paving a path of opportunity for all to feel empowered and thrive on their own volition rather than temporary relief. Their ultimate goal to end world hunger is no easy feat.