GRAMEEN FOUNDATION: Grameen Community Agent Harsha Tai lifts her community

Harsha Tai delivers financial access to neighbors' doorsteps

In India, Grameen Community Agents go by the name of Grameen Mittra (Grameen means Village and Mittra means friend). And Harsha Tai loves being one because it feels good to help so many. Lihaba and her husband Shipmau are one example. Shipmau suffers from dementia that renders him unable to speak, as well as paralysis […]

How to empower women and combat poverty with technology

A woman holding a tablet looks at the camera.

On the heels of International Women’s Day yesterday, it feels appropriate to be featuring one of our charity partners that stresses the importance of closing the gender gap – as both a path to equality and a key to ending poverty. The Grameen Foundation empowers the poor, with a focus on women, by equipping them […]


Sophie Kandiel

There’s just one school in Sophie Kandiel’s village in central Burkina Faso. One school with six classes in a village of 4,000 people. When it rains, it’s tough to get around her community because there are only dirt tracks. And she’s lost count of how many times she has fed her children wild leaves flavored […]