FINCA INTERNATIONAL, INC.: FINCA Loans Support Guatemalan Weaving

Paula Calabay

Paula Calabay has been able to support herself with loans provided by FINCA for 35 years. Like many women in the highlands of Guatemala, weaving represents much more than just a job. For Paula it represents both artistic beauty and a means to improve the livelihood of her daughters. With FINCA loan she was able […]

FINCA INTERNATIONAL, INC.: A Lifeline in a COVID-19 Lockdown

Dorine Opoka

Dorine has worked as a farmer on a small plot of land to support her family for years. She and her husband has always been able to manage the little money they made from the farm. Buying fuel for cooking and lighting their home has always been one of their biggest expense. When they learned […]

FINCA INTERNATIONAL, INC.: Weaving a Better Future

Weaving a Better Future

Nicolasa Sacay’s mother died when she was just four years old. Thereafter she and her elder sister were raised by their father. And for a time it looked like the family tradition of weaving had died with her mother. Nicolasa knows that her father tried his best. To this day she admires him tremendously. But […]