ENGENDERHEALTH: Greater Hope in the Fight to End Fistula

Kadiatou Diallo

Kadiatou had suffered from obstetric fistula, an often life-threatening, but largely preventable condition. It is all too common in the developing world, affecting an estimated more than 2 million girls and women today. For women with fistula, the consequences can be devastating. The baby usually dies during labor, and the mother is left with chronic […]

ENGENDERHEALTH: Empowering Women with Choices to Plan Their Futures

In a consulting room, Michaelle Bynike sits at a table at the busy Port-Bouet Health Training Center in Abidjan’s sprawling Youpougon District, one of her three children snugly secured to her back with a blanket. Michaelle, who also goes by “Mike,” visited the community health center to receive free contraceptives and family planning advice and […]