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3 key takeaways from the 2023 Hunger Funding Gap Report

Providing Emergency Nutrition Support

We love working with Action Against Hunger! Our partnership began in 2018 when the nonprofit joined Global Impact’s Charity Alliance for workplace fundraising services. Not long after, we began to serve the charity in an advisory capacity. Together, we developed many exciting initiatives over the years, from launching a COVID-19 fund to brokering funding partnerships […]

What you need to know about the global hunger crisis in less than 5 minutes

From Seed to Plate

You are a global champion and wanted to learn about how we can address hunger, but you’re also super busy and couldn’t make our event last week, “From Seed to Plate: Addressing the Global Hunger Crisis.” Not to worry! Here’s a rapid recap for you to check out. Our charity speakers: We talked about the […]

What the hunger crisis looks like in 4 countries across the world

Students sit at their desks with their lunches

I wish that I could begin writing this on a lighter note, but the truth is that hunger affects an estimated 815 million people worldwide and it’s a crisis that has only gotten worse in recent years. When I hear that I think of three things. First, I am sad for all those people that […]

The role of hunger during times of disaster

Children smiling with plates of food

Recently, with every new year it feels like we have been stuck in that TikTok trend, “hold my beer,” with each new year trying to top its predecessor and be more eventful than the last. And, as much as we wish it were different, 2022 is proving to be another difficult year. We continue to […]