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AMERICARES: Americares & Zipline Deliver Medicine and Supplies By Drone

Americares ER staff responding to Cyclone Idai in Mozambique

When Ellen Donkor’s baby had a fever, she rushed the little girl to a clinic near Kumasi, Ghana, where doctors prescribed lifesaving medicine that parachuted from the sky – delivered by a drone. “If not for this service, we would be referred to another hospital,” Donkor says. “By the time you see the doctor there, […]

AMERICARES: Americares offers mental health training during COVID-19

Americares El Salvador Clinic Continues Care During COVID-19

In the spring of 2021, Keila and her family battled COVID-19. Keila’s physical symptoms weren’t bad, but the isolation during quarantine took a toll on her mental health. Things worsened when her daughter Camilla was born and rushed to a large hospital an hour away; Keila’s husband watched over the infant, leaving Keila recovering by […]

AMERICARES: Health Care After a Deadly Earthquake

Fadliah clutched her 4-day-old baby as dirty water rose quickly around her. In Palu City, Indonesia, an earthquake had triggered a tsunami, collapsing Fadliah’s house and sending a muddy wave over her and her tiny boy. Once she was safe in a neighbor’s car, the young mother cleaned mud from her baby’s mouth, relieved to […]

AMERICARES: Critical Health Care for Venezuelans

“Children die of malnutrition and lack of medical attention,” says Esmerelda, holding her 2-year old son tightly. “There is no food, no medication.” She is describing Venezuela, the homeland she fled two years ago. Esmerelda is one of an estimated 2.6 million people who have left Venezuela since 2014; more than 1.1 million have arrived […]