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How to maximize employee giving and celebrate diverse cultures

Matt Gembecki, Managing Director at Global Impact, sat down with Mohamed Ahammam, Corporate Gift Manager at Islamic Relief USA (IRUSA) to detail how our partnership has helped IRUSA leverage workplaces to inspire greater employee giving and engagement. Key takeaways include: Be visible. The first step to engage and inspire workplace donors is to reach them. […]

How to be a leader anyone would want to follow

A graphic of a woman standing at the front of a group of people outside.

Discipline is a word that has different meanings to so many people. To some, it is a trigger word, burdened with guilt and shame – and even rebellion. (If this is you, bear with me!) To others, it evokes a sense of joy, fulfillment and accomplishment. How can one word or practice have such a […]

Adapting Your Corporate Signature Programs During Crises

Two people stand in front of a truck loaded with pallets of supplies.

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and racial justice movement, companies have been challenged to reimagine their corporate signature programs to be more fit for purpose and reflective of this moment in time. As companies begin to rethink employee engagement, social responsibility, cross-sector partnerships, and grant making, having a comprehensive understanding of the diverse […]