Success Stories

Since 1956, Global Impact has raised more than $1.7 billion to help the world’s most vulnerable people. Each day we work with our charity partners to fight poverty, heal the sick and support communities in need, meeting real needs with real results. Below, please find a sample of success stories from the Global Impact Charity Alliance.

PEACEPLAYERS INTERNATIONAL: Participants "Talk the Talk", But Do They "Walk the Walk?"

This week’s post is written by American Fellow LaToya Fisher, who talks about the developing tension between Arabs and Jews and how PeacePlayers-Middle East is still able to make an impact despite these hard times.

PEACEPLAYERS INTERNATIONAL: Building Leadership from Durban

Umlazi in Durban was one of two communities in which PeacePlayers International first began programming in 2001. It is the second largest township in South Africa with an official population of 750,000 people and over 1 million when including informal settlements. HIV and AIDs remain huge problems in the community with an estimated 20 – 40% of individuals testing positive.


Sireen stands with a Villanova coach.

Eleven-year-old Sireen has been playing basketball with PeacePlayers International – Middle East for the past four years. She was inspired to join after seeing how happy her older sister was whenever she came back from a PPI practice or event. Today, both Sireen and her sister play on All-Star teams, which are mixed Palestinian-Israeli teams that compete together in the Israel Basketball Association’s elite youth league.

PCI-MEDIA IMPACT: Lessons from Fishermen


The first season of PCI Media Impact’s Punta Fuego, a serial radio drama, call-in show and mobilization campaign in Belize, took important steps to promote responsible fishing practices, as well as to increase respect for marine protected areas and replenishment zones.

The community-driven, participatory approach and passionate plotline contributed to its large listenership within the fisher community. Close to 80% of the fisher population in Belize reported to have listened to the drama, and many were avid fans.

PCI-MEDIA IMPACT: Cecilia's Story

Cecilia participates in community mobilization.


Cecilia, a young girl from a settlement in Pucallpa, Peru, was 14 years old when she turned her own life around.

Once a frustrated kid who struggled in school, feeling repressed by tough authorities and gender disparities, she joined a youth group as an early teen. With her peers, she would volunteer with the elderly, with orphans, in prisons, on HIV awareness programs.

PCI-MEDIA IMPACT: Seeking Out Ebola Hotspots

Inside the van which has a full production studio to gather information.

West Africa

Since the beginning of the Ebola outbreak, PCI Media Impact has been working to spread public health messages and reintegrate survivors in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Over time, the trust we have built with partners in the region has allowed us to multiply our impact, and develop country- specific innovations; one of which is our mobile production unit in Guinea.

PATH: Family Planning Options

Family planning options.

All women and couples—no matter where they live—should have access to a full range of family planning options.

In conjunction with International Women’s Day, here are a few of the family planning innovations PATH has had a hand in designing, developing, testing, or delivering to women around the world.

The Woman’s Condom

PARTNERS IN HEALTH: We Stay- 30 Year Commitment in Haiti

A mother holds her three triplets.

There are times when Manoucheca Ketan collapses at the end of a long day, her muscles tired from the strain of running after her triplet daughters. Just over 1 year old, Marian, Michelle, and Tamar are starting to walk and can be a handful for the 35-year-old mother. But she wouldn’t have it any other way.

PARTNERS IN HEALTH: New Health Center Opens in Liberia

Two midwives stand in the new health center.

When the Ebola epidemic in Liberia began to wind down a year ago, the journalists folded their notebooks, the aid workers helicoptered off for other emergencies, and Partners In Health staff got busy. In a small district surrounded by rubber tree forest, they started renovating “New Pleebo,” a nine-bed public health center that was our first major infrastructure project in Liberia.

OXFAM AMERICA: Pumping Water with the Help of the Sun

A water pump at a refugee camp also benefits the locals.

In the South Sudan capital of Juba, fighting has forced the price of clean water so high families are having to make an impossible choice: Do they put food on the table or spend what little money they have on a necessity without which no one can live? Food usually wins out.