Success Stories

Since 1956, Global Impact has raised more than $1.7 billion to help the world’s most vulnerable people. Each day we work with our charity partners to fight poverty, heal the sick and support communities in need, meeting real needs with real results. Below, please find a sample of success stories from the Global Impact Charity Alliance.


Viani stands with her son in front of her church in Peru

In the small village of Cabracancha nestled in the Andes Mountains of Peru, Viani Estrada listens to her son read a children’s book. Friends and family gather around, relaxing in the shade of their church building after an afternoon meal. He sounds out words in his language, Wanca Quechua, diligently working his way through the story of Noah and the ark. Some of the people, especially those in the older generation, have never been able to read Quechua and it’s a treat to hear a young person read it to them.

SEED PROGRAMS INTERNATIONAL: Fertilize, fertilize, fertilize! (Pass it on

Bentol City Farmers

Education for farmers and their communities is a critical component for reestablishing self-sufficiency after Ebola, and the farmers of the SPI Liberia Partnership Network have made education a priority. Continuing the collaborative action plan from a May stakeholder meeting, these self-organized working groups designed and conducted trainings and skill-sharing events that are accessible by all participants of the partnership. Seven trainings were planned for June through August, and they didn't stop there.



At the IRC in Tucson, there’s a culture of celebration. Cheers of joy can be regularly heard in the office when a refugee secures his or her first job in the U.S., or when the staff finds out that a family is moving in to their very own home. Staff members are inspired daily by the strength and determination of refugees. Many of them speak little or no English and come with very little resources at their disposal. But that doesn’t stop them from moving forward and striving to create better futures for themselves and their families.



Until last year, Line had spent almost her entire life in a refugee camp.

Originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, her family fled when she was just one year old. They made their way East and reached Nyarugusu camp in Tanzania, now one of the world’s oldest and largest refugee camps. For the next 19 years, that is where Line, her two sisters and her brother grew up.

SHELTERBOX USA: ShelterBox Provides Tools for Recovery in Haiti

ShelterBox Response in Haiti

ShelterBox deployed to Haiti following the destruction of Hurricane Matthew. This deployment provided 3,000 total families with ShelterKits and other non-food items such as water carriers, water filters, mosquito nets and solar lights.

SHELTERBOX USA: The Road to Recovery-ShelterBox Response to Cyclone Winston

Diane and Baby Yokimi in Fiji

Baby Yokimi was just three months old when Cyclone Winston hit. The storm, the worst ever recorded in the southern hemisphere, brought massive destruction to the island nation of Fiji. Torrential rain, wind speeds of 200 mph and 40ft waves obliterated up to 90% of structures and left an estimated 120,000 people without shelter.

UNICEF USA: Building on Polio Eradication Achievements in Chad

A UNICEF health worker vaccinates a child against polio

Chad, which had its last case of wild polio virus in 2012, revitalized its immunization program in 2013 through the Reaching Every District (RED) Approach. Currently, the country is implementing a promising approach to link health centers to communities by using the same resources that have been successful in combating polio worldwide.

UNICEF USA: Breaking the Vicious Cycle

Jhuma Akhter studies after school

Fourteen-year-old Jhuma Akhter is back in school and performing at the top of her class thanks to a cash transfer program. Getting here hasn’t been easy.

When Jhuma was just 8 years old, she left school to work as a servant in an abusive home. She spent three years there, and was never paid for her labor or allowed to attend school. She worked in exchange for her upkeep and the promise that, when the time came for her to marry, her employer would pay her dowry.

MISSION AVIATION FELLOWSHIP: A new bible translation dedicated

Bible Dedication

It was an exciting day in Gety when MAF delivered the first shipment of New Testaments in the Ndura language. For more than 20 years, MAF supported the translation efforts, and now the Gety people joyfully are hearing God’s Word in their heart language. Scripture verses were read aloud as copies were distributed during the community celebration.

MISSION AVIATION FELLOWSHIP: Yellow Fever outbreak support

Yellow Fever outbreak support

For the 19 agency workers battling an outbreak of yellow fever in Kahemba, the seven MAF flights that delivered 3,863 pounds of medical supplies and drinking water were a special blessing. During the dry season, safe drinking water is scarce.