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Global Impact reacts quickly to the evolving priorities of donors. Our expertise, business acumen and efficiency ensure that charitable gifts are used to address the most pressing problems facing the poorest and most disadvantaged people. For the latest information on the work we are doing to meet critical humanitarian needs around the world, see our current and archived press releases and news stories below.

Please direct all media inquiries to the attention of Global Impact Director, Marketing & Communications, Micaela Vivero at 703.717.5265 or email [email protected].

World Malaria Day: End Malaria For Good

An estimated 3.2 billion people are at risk from malaria. In 2015, there were 214 million cases and 438,000 deaths worldwide—70% of which were children under five years old. 
Since the year 2000, we’ve made progress—the mortality rate caused by malaria has decreased by 60%. The number of cases has fallen by 37%. And we achieved Millennium Development Goal #3 – “To have halted and begun to reverse the incidence of malaria.”
But now we need to take the next step, to end malaria for good.

Earth Day 2016: Trees for the Earth

Today is the 46th annual Earth Day!
Started in 1970, the Earth Day movement calls attention to the state of the environment and encourages people worldwide to help maintain life on Earth. From planting trees to cleaning up waterways, Earth Day has big goals in mind for the future and achieving a sustainable, clean planet.

Achieving the Global Goals by Investing in Multi-stakeholder Partnerships

This week, Global Impact president and CEO Scott Jackson shared his latest insights on the Sustainable Development Goals with YourCause.

Global Impact Launches Ecuador Earthquake Relief Fund

In response to the devastation caused by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake on Saturday in Ecuador, Global Impact has established the Ecuador Earthquake Relief Fund to provide critical humanitarian assistance to the region.

Global Impact Announces Projects with Nine New and Existing Partners

Global Impact, whose mission is to build partnerships and resources for the world’s most vulnerable people, today announced nine new and renewed projects with corporations and charities.

International Day for Street Children

Today, over 130 countries are celebrating International Day for Street Children.
It’s estimated that there are around 100 million children living on the streets worldwide, some under the age of five. These children live vulnerable lives without the care and support they need and the rights they deserve.
Started by the Consortium for Street Children (CSC) in 2011, the International Day for Street Children provides an opportunity for the millions of children worldwide who live on the street to speak out about their rights. 

World Health Day 2016

Today is World Health Day—this year’s focus is on beating diabetes. 

Diabetes is a disease in which the body does not receive the necessary amount of insulin in order to manage its blood glucose levels. This happens either because the body can’t produce insulin naturally, or because what it produces can’t be effectively used due to unhealthy lifestyle factors, such as inactivity.

Fellows in the Field: Nikhila Kalra, PATH in Ghana

See how the Hilton Prize Coalition Fellows Program is growing future leaders. Spring 2016 Fellow Nikhila Kalra gives us a taste of her experience working in Ghana with PATH's Nutrition Innovation Program.

Hilton Prize Coalition Fellow in Nepal Receives National Award

As the Secretariat of the Hilton Prize Coalition, we are pleased to share that a 2016 Hilton Prize Coalition Fellow, Amul Thapa, has received an award from the Prime Minister of Nepal for his work documenting the aftermath of last year's tragic earthquake and aftershocks.