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  • Welcome Valvoline

    Welcome Valvoline

    Make a difference for people in need by giving to Global Impact and its alliance of more than 100 international charities through your workplace giving campaign. From education and healthcare to disaster relief, we ensure that your donation goes to support the causes that matter most to you.




    FINCA International, Inc.

    Harriet’s hard work at her grocery shop in Uganda is helping her daughter pursue her dream of becoming a doctor. See how FINCA helped Harriet grow her business and inspire her daughter.


    We’re people just like you


    Mustafa is a Syrian child refugee living in Germany. With support from organizations like UNICEF, Mustafa is learning to navigate the challenges of life and school in a foreign country.

    Water For People

    Reliable clean water for everyone

    Water For People

    Access to clean water means better health, opportunities for children to go to school, a chance for women to make a difference in their communities, and better economic possibilities for everyone.



    Nourishing the body and mind

    Compassion International

    Despite her hard work, Pascalina could barely provide for her son Linus. As a result, he became malnourished and was unable to attend school. Read how their lives changed through the help of a nutrition and education program.


    Perseverance through produce

    Heifer International

    After enduring an abusive upbringing and escaping an abusive relationship, Maria found a way to persevere and support her family through an agriculture program. Read how her life has changed through produce.

    Mercy Corps

    Rebuilding after Hurricane Maria

    Mercy Corps

    When Maria’s winds picked up, Luis ran for cover in his neighbor’s garage. From there, he watched in horror as his home and belongings were blown away. Read how Luis is finding a way to rebuild his life.

    Thematic High Impact Funds

    Regional High Impact Funds

    Impact Map