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Take Me with You

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One Person’s Journey to Find the Charity Within

By Scott Jackson
Global Impact, President and CEO

In March 2017, Take Me with You by Global Impact’s President and CEO, Scott Jackson, was published by SelectBooks, Inc. It is a moving story that will make you laugh, cry, and hopefully inspire people to take action and find the “charity within”—Jackson’s personal philosophy of making a choice to live in a way that improves life for others.

The book also highlights Global Impact’s partners and how their work connects to the Global Goals for Sustainable Development (SDGs). A percentage of book sales will be donated to Global Impact and go towards promoting the work of our charity partners.

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About the Book:

Scott Jackson’s story begins during America’s Civil Rights movement, a time when his own family fell apart, and his childhood became a struggle to escape his brutal reactionary father to live with his mother—an idealistic young woman with opposite values, sympathies, and ambitions.

When he ultimately runs away from his abusive father, he finds a new life with the people who gave him the guidance and inspiration to become the man he is today. These were his mother and her new husband, an African American pastor who would fill the role of a good father where his natural father had fallen short.

Out of his tumultuous childhood, Jackson found himself on a life course that is focused on charity and spreading goodwill in a cynical world.  He has risen to the highest levels of international charity, serving as senior vice president of World Vision U.S. and vice president of PATH before joining Global Impact as CEO.

Jackson’s narrative of one man’s life and times runs parallel to short essays that encourage others to make the connection between their personal struggles and the larger cultural problems of people worldwide—and to join with others as he did to solve them.  His call to action is outlined through the remarkable mission of the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development, and the book provides information about well-known charitable organizations working on the front lines to achieve these 17 Goals—whether it’s to eliminate poverty, bring health care to those in need, aid refugees in war-torn countries, or empower and educate women.

Take Me with You is an inspiring story with practical instruction for getting people involved, either in important small ways or making a larger commitment to achieve justice and an ecologically sustainable world.

About the Author:

Global Impact President and CEO Scott Jackson has worked and traveled from New York to New Delhi, from Washington, D.C., to Dakar, Senegal. His international relief and development efforts have taken him to remote villages in Africa and Asia, to the heart of the Holy Land, and inside some of the most powerful institutions and governments around the world.


“Here is a story that brilliantly showcases the power of positive thinking, of faith in one’s self, and the desire to grow into a better person. Scott Jackson’s memoir is told in a compelling first person narrative, a riveting story set against an equally compelling setting with a lot of historical events taking place… I was both shaken and delighted as I read this gripping memoir, but it is the lessons in Take Me With You: One Person’s Journey to Find the Charity Within that had me spellbound.” 
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“It's hard to neatly categorize this read: those looking for inspirational autobiography will gain plenty of inspiration from this book; while others interested in meaningful innovation and the process of fostering positive courses in life will find Scott Jackson's story compelling and clear.

His may be one person's story; but through it, the roots of charitable impulses are completely documented, making a powerful read that's hard to put down.”

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“Scott Jackson knows that good storytelling helps people discover their passions and connect with great causes…Scott understands the power of the personal narrative, and he uses it to weave a compelling call to action to address the toughest development challenges of the 21st century.”

Dr. Christopher Elias, President of the Global Development Division, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, former President and CEO of PATH

“We should all thank Scott for writing Take Me with You. Such an authentic voice is rare, and the promise of his story is one that we need to realize today.”

Sarah Degnan Kambou, President of the International Center for Research on Women

“Scott Jackson’s Take Me with You is an amazing tale that is truly made captivating by his early struggles with racism and how that shaped his commitment and career to serving others.”

Don Bonker, Executive Director APCO Worldwide; Former U.S. Congressman