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Support Services for Corporations

Recent Support Services clients include:

Corporations looking to make a difference through philanthropy and social investment face a tough task; with more than 1.1 million charities in the U.S., navigating the nonprofit terrain while simultaneously providing effective, impactful programs can put undue strain on businesses. Global Impact can help, easing the burden on corporations, by taking on research and administrative tasks, ensuring that funds raised get to those in need, and truly make a difference. 
Global Impact’s breadth and depth of experience in fundraising, partnerships and corporate social responsibility provide the foundation for helping clients achieve their goals. With 60 years of experience collaborating with corporations and charities, Global Impact is the trusted partner for philanthropic solutions.

Support Services include: 

Distribution of Funds, Donor Receipts, Reporting

Global Impact has nearly 60 years of experience in providing a broad array of fiscal services to a variety of partners. Our team holds expertise in this area and we have the technology systems for quick and accurate handing of funds.

Charity Vetting, Certification and State Registration Services (Domestic and International)

Global Impact has extensive experience vetting and certifying both domestic and international charitable organizations and has done so in multiple business contexts. 

Technology Products and Services

Global Impact technology products and services can augment, leverage or create a stand-alone private label platform that can be easily launched with minimal setup and a seamless user experience.


For many years, Global Impact’s alliance of international charities has been offered as a giving choice in Ecolab’s employee campaign. But in 2012, upon acquiring a new company, Ecolab was faced with a new problem—how to engage these newly integrated employees in the company’s corporate social responsibility program.
The company that recently merged with Ecolab had a historically deep philanthropic interest in water issues, as well as a strong existing partnership with Global Impact partner charity Water for People. Because of this, Global Impact offered to create a specialized fund that addressed water and sanitation issues, highlighting Water for People. From this, the “Global Impact Water and Sanitation Fund featuring Water for People” was born.
In addition to their traditional giving options, employees now had the additional option of donating to the specialized fund directly. The fund was well received by employees, raising more than $30,000 in its first year. Ecolab plans to continue offering the fund as a giving option in years to come.